Bitcoin (BTC): Michael Saylor rewards viral memes via the Lightning Network

True, MicroStrategy is rich with around 130,000 BTC, but many wonder if its ex-CEO, Michael Saylor, had ever transacted through the Lightning Network. Eric Wall had posed the same question to his followers on Twitter. Of course, the tireless bitcoin advocate answered in the affirmative. He even took advantage of this exchange to organize a meme contest, the rewards of which passed through the same network.

Michael Saylor distributes 0.03 bitcoin via Lightning Network

On October 5, Eric Wall trolled Wealthy bitcoin holder Michael Saylor on Twitter. Here is his question:

Do you think Michael Saylor has made more than three Lightning trades in his life? »

The ex-CEO of MicroStrategy, which is developing a SaaS (software as a service) backed by the Bitcoin Lightning Network, was quick to respond.

The correct answer is yes, and I will make three more trades of 1,000,000 sats each to the 3 most liked #Lightning meme posters in the comments above. »

Michael Saylor’s Response to Eric Wall’s Poll

As agreed, Michael Saylor had to transfer to the 3 lucky winners the equivalent of 3 million sats (i.e. 0.03 BTC or 203 dollars) on the same day. The transfer of these cryptoassets was made via the Lightning network by the man who emerged unscathed from a verbal battle against Peter Schiff over the legality of bitcoin.

The names of the winners, as well as their achievements, are given to you below:

  • @ShireHODL;
  • @NEEDcreations;
  • @publordhodl.
ShireHODL Winning Memes
NEEDcreations winning memes
publordhodl winner memes

Congratulations are in order to @ShireHODL, @NEEDcreations and @publordhodl, the winners of our #Lightning meme contest. Each received 1,000,000 sats, delivered through the Lighning network in seconds. »

Announcement of the results of the meme contest on LN by Michael Saylor

For his part, Eirc Wall, the CIO of Arcane Assets, didn’t believe it was the real Michael Saylor responding on Twitter. For this cryptocurrency researcher, the boss of MicroStrategy would have hired his assistant to participate in this survey.

Any news from MicroStrategy (MSTR)?

Since 1989, Michael Saylor has served as CEO of MicroStrategy, a company he founded with Sanju K. Bansal. Specialized in Business Intelligence, it has not been shy about accumulating bitcoins since 2020. It is said that the total number of the company’s holdings now stands at 130,000 BTC.

Recently, more precisely in the month of August 2022, Saylor decided togive up his job CEO of MicroStrategy. However, he became its Executive Chairman. Thus, he will have more time to buy more bitcoins despite criticism from inside and outside the cryptosphere.

Michael Saylor is no longer CEO of MicroStrategy

We also agree to praise Michael Saylor’s devotion to bitcoin. He never stopped defending it tooth and nail on social networks and through his other interventions.

Fans of the Bitcoin Lighting Network, Michael Saylor and the entire MicroStrategy team are currently developing an LN platform project. Their goal is to create a Lightening portfolio, corporate servers or even an authentication solution for businesses. They are also aimed at promoting the use of BTC in e-commerce.

Of course, Michael Saylor is one of those who believe that the bear market is an opportunity to bring out innovations in the crypto universe. If there is mass adoption of bitcoin, whether through the Lightning Network or other infrastructure, he has every right to claim that he had something to do with it.

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