Crypto: Profanity in the spotlight because of hackers!

Profanity is a tool intended for Ethereum (ETH) users. wishing to create vanity addresses. These addresses are personalized crypto wallets. They are composed of names or numbers that can be identified. This platform happens to be an unreliable address generator. Some time ago, the tool was subject serious security issues. The Profanity developers then decided to abandon their project. But, lately, the platform has suffered hacks on several occasions.

Theft of additional 732 ETH from Profanity

Vanity addresses seemed to have faded away before this month. But, currently, they are the center of attention of the crypto community. This, along with the many hacks the tool has seen over the month. The last flight concerns the drainage of 732 ETH (i.e. $950,000) on an electronic wallet.

Blockchain security firm PeckShield reported that the hacker transferred the stolen funds to a mixer. This is the Tornado Cash crypto mixer. For information, the latter recently suffered sanctions from OFAC. It also appears that the hacking was done via the hack that took place on the platform of the operator Wintermute based in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the hack took place a few days after the discovery of a great vulnerability within Profanity. The discovery is the result of work carried out by the decentralized finance aggregator 1inch, one of the largest in the crypto universe. The aggregator was quick to point out that Profanity users might lose their funds in the future.

The Profanity tool has a large vulnerability that hackers were able to exploit on September 13, to steal $3.3 million in cryptos. The theft occurred from different Ethereum (ETH) addresses that Profanity generated. It must be said that it was the users of GitHub who initially revealed the problem in January 2022. On September 15, the developers of the Profanity project proceeded to archive it.

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