Crypto: leading countries in the field

Despite the significant setback experienced by the crypto market since the beginning of the second quarter, in several regions of the world, the enthusiasm for these digital tokens is still high. This is what CoinGecko shows in a study published a few days ago.

Nigeria in the lead

In a study published earlier this week, crypto price tracker CoinGecko compiled a list of the countries with the most people interested in cryptocurrency markets since the market last slumped. in April. To carry out this study, CoinGecko relied on data from Google Trends regarding search terms frequently used by people interested in cryptos.

“These terms were then combined to give each English-speaking country a total research score to determine which countries have taken the most interest in cryptocurrencies since the April 2022 crash.”explained the platform.

According to the results of the study, Nigeria, with a score of 371 searches, finds itself at the top of the pack of countries where there have been the most curious people about cryptocurrencies, over the last four months. In this time interval, the West African country is the one where the population has issued the highest number of searches on the expressions cryptocurrency, investing in crypto, bitcoin and buy crypto. Moreover, it is also in Nigeria that we learned the most about Solana (SOL).

It should be noted that the country is the one with the most crypto transactions in Africa, hence the growing local interest in digital assets.

With 270 searches, the United Arab Emirates comes second in this ranking, with the second highest proportion of searches related to the words cryptocurrency, investing in crypto and buy crypto.

They are followed in third position by Singapore which scores a score of 261. In this important financial center, CoinGecko has noted a particular interest in ether (ETH). Vitalik Buterin’s crypto searches were higher there than in the countries mentioned above.

The top 5 of this ranking is completed by Australia (218) and the United Kingdom, with a score of 198. The tool also indicates that bitcoin, ether and polygon are the most sought-after cryptos in the world. the kingdom, since April.

Canada, which is one of the countries with the highest rate of adoption of cryptocurrencies in America, arrives at the sixth position in the ranking with a score of 192.

With a score of 157, the United States ranks twelfth in the ranking of the countries most interested in cryptocurrency since April. The federation also has the tenth highest search level for the term buy crypto and are the sixth most interested country in SOL.

Moreover, after Nigeria, Kenya is the second highest ranked English-speaking African country, with a score of 143.

Nigeria, which sits at the top of the most optimistic countries regarding the future of Bitcoin (BTC) is also the country where, despite the cryptocurrency crash that occurred last April, there are the most curious people about the cryptographic markets. This shows that the country is positioning itself to become one of the key growth hubs for the industry over the next few years.

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