Crypto: Japanese exchanges attacked by North Korean hackers

Lazarus is the name of a famous group of North Korean hackers. Tea japan news recently said that this group attacked crypto companies. It appears that this is not the first time that North Korean hackers Lazarus have wreaked havoc in the country. Here’s how the group was unmasked after the attack on Japanese exchanges.

The Japanese authorities have managed to unmask the pirates of the exchanges

According to an article published on The Japan News on October 15, Japanese crypto companies are under attack. On Friday, an alert was issued by three Japanese institutions, namely: the National Police Agency (NPA), the Financial Services Agency, and the National Cyber ​​Security Incident Preparedness and Strategy Center. The alert revealed that Japanese companies are probably the targets of the group of north korean hackers Lazarus. It appears that the latter has been targeting Japanese exchanges for several years.

North Korea responsible?

It all started when Japanese companies reported a hack of their internal systems, with the theft of their cryptos. The Japan Regional Police and the NPA’s Cyber ​​Attack Special Investigation Unit then decided to investigate. According to the findings of the investigation, Lazarus is behind the attacks against these companies.

To identify the name of the attacker, the NPA used in particular virus scanning and other investigative methods. Katsuyuki Okamoto of computer security firm Trend Micro Inc spoke briefly about the attack. “Lazarus first targeted banks in different countries, but recently it has targeted cryptos with weaker security management“, did he declare.

Japan uses rare method to deter hackers

After exposing the attacker, Japanese authorities applied a method called “public attribution“. This unusual method had only been used in Japan four other times. It consisted of make the name of the suspected hacker public, without arresting him. Apart from the name, the authorities have notably published the goal and the methods used by the crypto hacker. Lots of other information is available.

Japan adopts the methodpublic attributionbecause it would be effective in deterring attacks. According to Katsuyuki Okamoto, “engaging in public attribution is important as it will raise awareness of the perpetrator’s tactics and inspire people to take action“.

You should know that the Lazarus group does not only attack Japanese exchanges. The group had been cited by the FBI as responsible for the crypto theft that took place during the Ronin Bridge hack.

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