Crypto: Terra Classic (LUNC) explosion, a tax story?

The Terra (LUNA) blockchain has experienced a brutal collapse this year. But, instead of disappearing completely, it renamed itself Terra Classic (LUNC). The new blockchain is intended to be revolutionary, with a range of projects planned. She wants to prove that Terra still has a bright future ahead of him. But, the LUNA 2.0 doesn’t seem to be taking off as quickly as enthusiasts would have liked. And the professionals agree that Terra Classic (LUNC) has a great challenge to overcome in order to successfully develop fully. Find out what this challenge is.

Terra Classic (LUC) must prove its reliability

The Terra (LUNA) ecosystem collapsed in May, but soon returned to the crypto space. Indeed, it launched a new blockchain on May 28, 2022 under the name of Terra Classic whose native token is LUNC. The developers of Terra Classic have stated that the new blockchain is community owned. They added that she is not related to Do Kwon, the founder of Terra (LUNA) at all.

However, the community does not not fully trust Terra Classic (LUNC), because some important questions remain unanswered. Will Chen, a former developer at Terra, rightly asked:Who are the whales of LUNC? Who control the network?“. One also wonders what exactly is the degree of ownership of the community.

According to the founder of Gokhshtein Media, David Gokhshtein, LUNC currently has a status of “lottery ticket“. Indeed, it is mainly players aiming for quick money who buy cryptocurrency. And if Terra wants to make an impressive comeback through LUNC, the community needs to build a legitimate use case for it.

According to Will Chen, it could be complicated “to attract projects to build on Terra Classic until the rebels understand who they are working for“. There are various points to clarify for Terra to fully succeed in making its return through Terra Classic (LUNC).

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