Crypto: Ford's turn to get started?

Despite the risks associated with cryptocurrencies, institutional adoption of these assets continues to grow. The industry is growing very fast and no one seems to want to stay on the sidelines. More and more companies are investing in crypto, blockchain and the metaverse. Recently, the American automobile multinational, Ford Motor Company, decided to venture into the metaverse.

19 trademarks for metaverse and crypto

According a tweet of Goku on September 8, “the Ford Motor Company takes a big step into the metaverse. Ford Motor Company has decided to file 19 trademark applications for all of its major subsidiaries. It wants its main brands to be used in the metaverse, and in the form of NFTs. Trademark applications include virtual cars, trucks, vans and clothing. The company would also like to have online stores for NFTs.

According to attorney Mike Kondoudis, the 19 trademark applications include Ford, F-150 Lightning, Mustang, Lightning, Bronco, Transit and Escape, among others. They were filed on September 2 and are Awaiting Approval. Additionally, Ford Motor Company would like to request the marks in different ways in the metaverse. For example, she would like downloadable media files authenticated by NFTs. These files will contain, among other things, textual and audio elements.

The Ford Motor Company also wants downloadable virtual goods strongly resembling automobiles. They will come in the form of programs in the metaverse. The brand wants to use non-downloadable virtual vehicles for entertainment purposes. In addition, it wants to provide non-downloadable virtual digital content in the image of vehicles.

As crypto adoption rates hit record highs, automaker Ford Motor Company is showing strong interest in Web3. The company wants to launch several interesting projects in the metaverse. The crypto community patiently awaits the realization of these projects.

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