Crypto: Does CZ sound the death knell for WazirX (WRX)?

So there was a succession of fund freezes that at the slightest information smelling of the same scent, enthusiasts panic. This is the case of WazirX users who, after a request to transfer funds to Binance, were in total trouble. A new meteorite falling on planet Crypto?

Changpeng Zhao disclaims all responsibility for WazirX

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has just clarified the “i” regarding the WazirX case. As a reminder, Nischal Shetty, the founder of this Indian cryptocurrency platform, claimed that the project is owned by Binance. To escape investigation by Indian government agencies, perhaps?

Because recently, India’s Enforcement Direcorate (ED) raided his home and that of co-founder Sammer Mhatre. As a charge, the agency mentioned his contribution to an alleged fraud on instant loan applications.

CZ’s answer is clear:

Binance provides wallet services to WazirX. The domain of WazirX is transferred under our control. We received shared access to an AWS account. We could shut down WazirX. But we can’t because it harms users. »

Hence his recommendation:

If you have funds on WazirX, you must transfer them to Binance. It’s as simple as that. »

The vagueness continues to reign

CZ’s recommendation was causing panic among WazirX users. This is why his administration decided to proclaim them via his Telegram channel by writing:

In light of recent events with WazirX, we wanted to assure you that operations continue as normal. “, reported CoinDesk.

Saying a post yesterday reported that the same ED has already frozen the 8.14 million belonging to WazirX lately.

If Changpeng Zhao brings arguments contrary to those put forward by the barons of the Indian exchange, it is because he does not want any involvement in this dirty business. Fortunately, the Indian Minister of Finance seems to have understood their scheme disguised by a so-called affiliation with Binance.

So far, the bosses of Binance and WazirX seem to be on an endless game of ping-pong over their pseudo-relationship. If CZ keeps hammering that he has nothing to do with the Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Nischal Shetty says the opposite. And this with tweets. But no matter how true their words are, it is always the users who pay the costs of the fall of an exchange. We learned a lot about the subject with the Celsuis case.

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