Terra: Do Kwon apologizes (finally!) for his “derisory” tweets

In May, Terra’s crypto ecosystem collapsed, causing a loss of over $40 billion in a short period of time. Do Kwon was accused of conspiring with members of his company Terraform Labs to bring about the collapse of Terra. A group, whose objective is to work for the restitution of the funds of the users of Terra, was formed. The investor group has nearly 4,400 members, who are ready to fight to bring Do Kwon to justice.

The investor ready to leave for Dubai to find Kwon

the FinancialTimes has revealed, in a recent article, that a Terra investor intends to play vigilante. For this purpose, the investor decided to travel to the city of Dubai in order to find Do Kwon, the founder of the Terra crypto ecosystem. He said he has a 50% chance of finding Kwon in the major UAE city.

The investor called Kang Hyung-suk said, “I want to recruit other people to participate in research“. Kang is part of Terra’s investor group called UST Restitution Group which is working to find Do Kwon.

The investor is determined to find Do Kwon

So many angry investors are stalking the founder of Terra. They want to find him in order to bring him to court, to answer for his actions. They want to take matters into their own hands, since the authorities still haven’t gotten their hands on Do Kwon yet. For them, the founder of Terra is just one more scammer in the crypto world.

Do Kwon remains untraceable since the collapse of Terra

Since May, after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, the founder Do Kwon did not release any information about his location. However, Do Kwon said some time ago that he is not hiding. It appears that this man, previously considered the crypto prodigy, has fallen out of favor since the collapse of Terra.

Where is Do Kwon?

Recall that after this spectacular fall, the South Korean authorities launched an investigation into Kwon, Terraform Labs and Luna Guard Foundation, but so far they have not yet found the whereabouts of the founder of Terra. At the same time, Kwon shows that he does not intend to return to South Korea. Not long ago, he was located in Singapore, but then he would have left the country. Do Kwon maintains that he is reluctant to reveal his location for security reasons, not to evade the law.

For one of the members of the UST Restitution Group, the days of the founder of Terra on the loose are numbered. The member said:We have people who are very, very close to Do Kwon“.

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