Crypto decryption with Le Live Tribune: A dive into the heart of bitcoin and cryptos

In a world where cryptocurrency continues to fascinate, is teaming up with CoinMarketCap to offer a unique platform for discussion and reflection: the Le Live Tribune podcast. This meeting brings together prestigious guests around the major issues of bitcoin and the crypto universe. After the success of previous editions, the next session of the podcast promises to be exciting.

The promising beginnings of the crypto podcast

The concept of the podcast is based on a series of in-depth discussions with experts in the field, where each edition explores a specific topic related to crypto and bitcoin. The aim is to demystify complex blockchain concepts, offer future perspectives and share cutting-edge analysis on current and future market trends.

The first edition of the podcast dedicated to crypto saw the participation of Vincent Pignon, Ph. D. of WecanGroup and brought together more than 1,700 listeners. The theme addressed, “From Web2 to Web3: The essential bridge will pass through the tokenization of data”, opened the debate on the evolution of the internet and the crucial importance of tokenization in this transition. This first edition laid the foundations for an enriching dialogue, paving the way for in-depth discussions on digital transformation. The sequel was not to be outdone.

There second edition, enriched by the presence of Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux, CSO & co-founder of Swissborg, and Louis Régis, founder and CEO of XBorg, brought together more than 2,400 listeners around the theme “Future of Gaming: Catalyst for adoption massive “. Discussions explored how the gaming sector could be a key driver in the widespread adoption of cryptos.

An exceptional edition this Thursday with a distinguished guest

The next edition of the podcast promises to be just as enriching, with a distinguished guest: David Prinçay, CEO of Binance France. Scheduled for this Thursday, January 25 at 5 p.m., this session will address hot topics such as halving, ETFs, the current market situation, as well as major events expected in 2024. This discussion will provide a unique opportunity to understand the current and future crypto market dynamics, straight from the most influential voices in the industry.

The Live Tribune from and CoinMarketCap is an unmissable event for all crypto enthusiasts, whether novices or experts. Each podcast is an opportunity to broaden your knowledge in the field of crypto, to understand current issues and to prepare for future developments in this fascinating universe. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the heart of the most relevant discussions on bitcoin and cryptos!

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