Crypto: Could it be time to buy more bitcoin (BTC)?

Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author rich dad poor dad, is a well-known investor and entrepreneur. In a recent interview, he suggested that bitcoin (BTC) has no value. However, many of these comments on Twitter seem to suggest that he likes cryptocurrency. Moreover, his latest publication on the social network about bitcoin and two other commodities confirms this. Find out what Robert Kiyosaki thinks of the flagship crypto.

Robert Kiyosaki advises buying more BTC

On October 2, businessman Robert Kiyosaki said on Twitter that gold, silver and BTC are buying opportunities. According to him, investors should take advantage of the rise in US interest rates to accumulate these raw materials. In this way, when the FED reverses its decision as it did in England, investors will be able to smile.

It is true that currently the increase in interest rates by the FED contributes to the strengthening of the American dollar. But, for Robert Kiyosaki, there will come a time when the FED will have to lower these rates. Bitcoin (BTC), gold and silver may then experience an improvement in their prices. Those who have taken care to invest in these assets will be the only ones to be happy when the time comes, he added.

Furthermore, Robert Kiyosaki has previously stated that US dollar crash is near. He estimates that the currency could collapse by January 2023.”Will the US dollar follow the British pound? I believe him. I believe the US dollar will collapse by January 2023 after FED pivots“, he said.

Robert Kiyosaki is showing his support for cryptos more and more as in the past. In May 2020, the entrepreneur had encouraged investors to acquire bitcoin (BTC). This year, during September, he emphasized investing in crypto now, “before the biggest economic crash in history“.

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