changes the terms of use of its Visa card

Some time ago, the exchange launched a Visa card entirely dedicated to cryptocurrency holders. This crypto bank card, which is now available in 60 countries, has quickly become the most popular in the world. It allows users to spend their digital assets in the real world with ease. Additionally, offers several benefits through its Visa card. Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange decided to make changes regarding the use of its bank card. will apply fees for foreign transactions has announcement fees on foreign transactions that are not in euros or pounds sterling. Fees will apply to purchases and ATM withdrawals for holders of certain Visa cards. These are: Midnight Blue, Ruby Steel, Royal Indigo and Jade Green. has noted that fee application will begin on December 19, 2022. The fee is set at 0.2% for transactions made in the EU and UK. They are 2% for transactions made outside the EU and the United Kingdom. It should be noted that charges applyon amounts above the free monthly ATM limit“.

Separately, the exchange stated:Private members holding an Obsidian, Icy White or Frosted Rose Gold card will continue to enjoy zero foreign transaction fees“. It should be noted that users have the option to request the termination of their Visa card, if they are against the application of transaction fees.


Become a private member to avoid transaction fees

To avoid new transaction fees, users just need to become private members. To do so, they must become holders of one of the following cards: Frosted Rose Gold, Icy White and Obsidian.

It should be noted that private members enjoy benefits such as a “priority access to self-published research reports“. They also have priority access to major events in the cryptocurrency industry, especially if they have the Obsidian card. recently announced changes to the use of its crypto Visa card. These changes are intended to ensure the long-term viability of the exchange’s card program. They should also help maintain the enticing benefits that this program promises. Among the latter, there is a 5% discount offered to users of some of the cards in the program. The discount applies to the expenses made by the users concerned.

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