Crypto: Binance CEO responds to Reuters accusations

In recent months, journalists from Reuters have published several articles on Binance. They made statements that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says are based on unnamed sources. The latest article from the journalists of Reuters accused Changpeng Zhao of plotting to escape ” the scrutiny of regulators “. The boss of the crypto company was quick to respond to the various accusations made against him and his company.

Binance says it’s not trying to keep regulators at arm’s length

On October 17, Reutershas published an article explaining how Binance dodged regulators in the US and UK. On the same day, the crypto exchange made a post to respond to the allegations of Reuters . Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao returned in particular to the story of lack of complianceReuterstalked.

At Binance, our global security and compliance team has over 500 employees around the world. It includes professionals with experience as regulators, senior investigators from renowned blockchain analytics firms, and law enforcement officers who have conducted some of the largest cybercrime investigations.“, he explained.

CZ’s response was originally posted on Binance’s website.

He added that Binance works closely with regulators of the whole world. Thus, the exchange has never sought to dodge regulators. On the contrary, it seeks to restructure the way it organizes itself and upgrade its systems by working with regulators. CZ added that his company intends to continue to “invest in establishing a compliance framework that users can trust“.

CZ presents himself as a less “authoritarian” leader than he is described

According to Reuters, CZ would be a “powerful leader committed to secrecy, focused on market dominance and attentive to the smallest operational details“. But, the leader of Binance does not consider himself to be an authoritarian leader. He also stated that he was “very transparentabout his leadership style.

CZ also explained that he has a good reason to keep the locations secret Binance offices. Indeed, he wants to protect his employees from possible retaliation that may result from the fact that the exchange has helped to seize the assets of many criminal organizations around the world. He clarified that regulators have local addresses and contact details for Binance.

Binance CEO says recent accusations by Reuters reporters against him are false Binance.

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