Crypto: AVAX's rise could surpass that of Solana, according to Santiment

Despite the recent hype around Solana, analyst Santiment predicts more robust growth for Avalanche (AVAX) in the coming days. This projection comes amid a broader bull run in the crypto market, where both AVAX and SOL have seen significant gains.

AVAX vs Sol: The unexpected duel that could redraw the crypto landscape

The recent price surge in AVAX and SOL, both up over 7%, reflects renewed optimism in the crypto market. However, the catalysts for these increases differ significantly.

For Solana, the main driver was the announcement that VanEck had filed an application for a SOL ETF with the SEC. That news, coupled with analyst James Seyffart’s prediction of a possible approval by 2025, triggered a massive influx of interest and capital.

The SOL price jumped to $145.35, with trading volume exploding by 122% to $3.15 billion.

In contrast, Avalanche's rise seems more discreet, but potentially more lasting. The inclusion of AVAX by expert Quinten among the cryptos likely to obtain approval for an ETF by 2025 certainly supported its price, which reached $27.96. However, it's the lack of excessive hype that could work in his favor according to Santiment.

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Perspectives and influencing factors

L'analysis Santiment suggests that Solana’s rally is primarily fueled by fear of missing out (FOMO), an often fleeting phenomenon. Conversely, Avalanche’s more muted rally could offer more and more stable room for upside.

This divergence in momentum is crucial for investors. While institutional interest and regulatory advances are driving the market, ongoing legal battles, including Coinbase’s lawsuit against the SEC, continue to influence overall sentiment.

Derivatives data supports this optimistic outlook, with an increase in open interest in Avalanche and Solana futures signaling continued upside potential for these two assets.

In this constantly evolving context, caution and in-depth analysis remain essential. If the enthusiasm around Solana is palpable, the more discreet, but promising trajectory of Avalanche could well surprise the market in the weeks to come.

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