Crypto: A luxury center to treat addiction

The number of crypto investors are increasing day by day. Some even become addicted to it. Concretely, specialists speak of addiction to crypto. To overcome this phenomenon, prestigious centers now offer therapies against crypto addiction.

Crypto addiction therapy now exists in luxury rehab centers

Crypto addiction in a nutshell

Crypto addiction comes in different forms. The most common is characterized by the fact of investing huge amounts during transactions. Indeed, people prone to crypto addiction no longer control the sums they invest. Some go up to over $200,000 every week.

Crypto addiction is manifested by a permanent anxiety caused by the volatility and fluctuation of cryptocurrency prices. A crypto addict will not hesitate to get up in the middle of the night or in the early morning to watch his portfolio. He will constantly want to follow the evolution of the crypto market. It will not bear being disconnected from the Internet.

Luxury rehab centers offer effective therapy

As reported by BBC, the therapy comes in the form of a stay worth more than $75,000. It includes massage sessions, yoga sessions and bike rides. It is more exactly a program offered by The Balance. It is a luxury rehabilitation center located on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Some former crypto addict testify on the page from this center.

Founded in Zurich, The Balance has other centers in London. It is a center of fulfillment and well-being. He is best known for his prestigious therapy for burnout, eating disorders and stress.

Note that The Balance is not the only center to offer therapies against crypto addiction. There are other specialist establishments spread across the four corners of the globe, notably in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Yes, crypto can lead to some level of addiction. But can this addiction really be categorized as stress and narcotics addiction to require expensive therapy? To meditate.

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