Crypto: A Bitcoin village under construction in Nigeria

According to a KuCoin report, 86% of Nigerians with internet access know that cryptos (especially bitcoin) are a means of investment. This percentage speaks to Nigeria’s interest in digital assets in general, and bitcoin (BTC) in particular. In this context, some of the entrepreneurs in the country decided to create the Bitcoin Village.

Nigeria, a very curious nation when it comes to crypto

Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, would be the most curious country when it comes to digital assets. The population has recently shown a strong interest in cryptocurrencies as they faced a downtrend. Since April, she hasn’t stopped researching “buying crypto” or “investing in crypto.” It should be noted that currently, inflation in Nigeria is above 18%. The local currency, the naira, is constantly facing steep depreciation.

In this context, entrepreneurs decided to develop the very first Bitcoin village in Lagos, the famous Nigerian city. The idea is to turning Nigeria into a bitcoiner tourism hotspot of the whole world. That said, Jeremy Garcia and Oluwasegun Kosemani, founders of Satoshis Journal, are busy building the Bitcoin village.

This place is expected to reinvigorate Nigeria’s economy with the flagship crypto. The Bitcoin Village will be powered by solar energy. We can mine bitcoins (BTC) and educate the local community about bitcoin.

Nigerian entrepreneurs Jeremy Garcia and Oluwasegun Kosemani are actively working to create Bitcoin Village. On this, Kosemani said, “We are going to open a Bitcoin Village in Lagos, Nigeria. You would come here, spend your cryptos (Bitcoin), buy fish from local fishermen, buy items from locals directly using the Lightning Network, and all that. “.

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