Web3: Ukraine, a next great power?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has become widespread in recent years. As the generalization takes place, we notice that this technology can be linked to traditional financial tools. At the same time, these could connect Web3 and Web2. Find out how this is possible.

The CEO of Revelator talks about the two versions of the web

There is a big gap between the two versions of the web, Web2 and Web3. Some developers, seeking to bridge this gap, believe that TradFi tools should be used. Bruno Guez, the CEO of Revelator, is among those who support this theory. He has recently explained that credit cards can serve as gateways between Web2 and Web3. This would also allow Web3 to gain new users.

The senior music industry executive said his company now uses tools from startup Stripe. Revelator has partnered with the latter to offer credit cards for music fans. Fans will use these cards to seamlessly acquire digital collectibles.

Bruno Guez explained: “The majority of the developed world uses credit cards for everyday purchases. If we want to transition new users to Web3, we need to provide these Web2 users with a familiar and secure payment method.“.

TradFi tools, to enable Web3 to meet its challenges!

The official argued that financial tools could ease the barriers that prevent widespread adoption of Web3. Among the latter, he cited the lack of education regarding the management of money in a decentralized manner. “If we make it easier to on-ramp and access Web3 assets, we can slowly educate them about the power of decentralization and all that it entails“, he said.

He spoke of further education by educating crypto users on self-custody practices. He argued that with the right information, they will be able to “fully embrace Web3“. They will also be able toleverage their digital wallets and never lose access to their digital assets“.

Bruno Guez believes that credit cards effectively facilitate access to Web3. They make it possible to carry out transactions on the blockchain without having knowledge of this technology. “In this way, Web2 and Web3 tools work together abstracting the complexity of the user experience“said the CEO of Revelator.

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