Cointelegraph promises to shed light on its Tweet

Cointelegraph has retracted a tweet claiming that BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF (Ishares) had been approved by the SEC.

Bitcoin ETF

Cointelegraph is a pioneer in the crypto press with 1.9 million followers on

The media apologized, promising to carry out its investigation and communicate the results as soon as it has clarified this matter:

“We apologize for a tweet that led to the spread of inaccurate information regarding Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF [en réalité l’ETF d’IShare].

An internal investigation is underway. We are committed to transparency and will share the findings of the investigation with the public once it is completed. »

The analyst of Bitcoin Magazine Dylan Leclair asks the question:

“You could have just deleted it and pretended you were ‘hacked.’ Which begs the question: what was the cost of such a tweet? »

Several scenarios are possible. The first that comes to mind is market manipulation. The person who made this tweet intended to speculate. Or more likely, received money for posting this tweet.

An extremely juicy trade (very high leverage) taking place on the RollBit exchange five minutes before the tweet suggests that this was the case.

Another motivation could be how trading algorithms are calibrated to react to an ETF’s validation. This is valuable data for those who would like to sell the news.

Third possibility, the person working at Cointelegraph really got wind of reliable information. But it should have been clarified in the tweet “according to sources close to the SEC”.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink reacted on Fox Business by declaring that the previous day’s rally “goes beyond rumor, it’s a flight towards quality” :

Either way, the SEC will issue its verdict today regarding the BlackRock ETF.

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