Scammers stole about $500 million from French speakers, via cryptos

Coffeezilla is one of the most well-known characters in the crypto community on YouTube. Regularly, this keen on monitoring obscure online activities, unpacks with investigations worthy of Inspector Colombo, sulphurous cases of crypto scams. But who is, in real life, this famous Youtuber?

The revelation following the FTX affair

Coffeezilla is well known to the active crypto community on YouTube. But it is really the FTX affair that reveals it to the general public. His real name, Stephen Findeisen, this specialist in online scams had conducted a series of interviews on Sam Bankman-Fried, the ex-CEO of the crypto exchange, FTX currently bankrupt.

Indeed, Coffeezilla, has, through a series of three interviews, carried out on the former manager, highlighted many inconsistencies in the management of the mega platform of cryptos. Clearly, the revelations that followed this series of investigations spelled the death knell for Bankman-Fried and his company. It is estimated that they have indeed put the chip in the ears of the journalists of Coindesk.

Who is Coffeezilla?

This unboxing isn’t Coffeezilla’s first, though. About a year ago, the Youtuber exposed one of his colleagues, Paul Denino alias Ice Poseidon. At the time, the latter, involved in a crypto scam, had been forced to admit his involvement in the case.

As in the case of FTX, Coffeezilla is celebrated for its contribution to the progress of the crypto industry, plagued by frauds and scams.

The origins of his passion for online scams

If Coffeezilla has made illegal activities on the internet its main focus, it is not by chance. This chemical engineer claims to have witnessed, powerless, his mother’s fraud. The latter was sold a fake treatment to cure her cancer. A similar situation occurred when a friend of his got screwed after participating in a mysterious business opportunity that turned out to be a multi-level marketing scheme.

These events, he underlines, created the trigger. “I always hated the fact that people in my life were getting scammed by different get-rich-quick schemes or things like that,” did he declare.

With the development of cryptos and the proliferation of mechanisms that promise quick enrichment, Coffeezilla thought there was an opportunity. A profitable choice, because it will be one of the major players who highlight the hidden side of the crypto industry.

Today, one cannot overlook the impact of the work of influencers like Coffeezilla which, arguably, shines a light on the darker side of the crypto market. Activities that reinforce the crisis of confidence that this sector is going through.

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