Cardano (ADA): What does the future hold, after the Vasil hard fork?

Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano (ADA), made statements on Twitter regarding the Vasil hard fork. He particularly deplored the fact that certain press titles dealing with the subject were aggressive. He also criticized journalists who focus on the three-month delay of the Vasil hard fork. He suggested that this delay was legitimate given that it is a ” major step that required the coordination and testing of people and companies around the world “. At the same time, Charles Hoskinson talked about what’s to come on Cardano (ADA), now that the major milestone has been reached.

Several crypto projects are expected!

According to Charles Hoskinson, expect to see the launch of hundreds of cryptocurrency projects on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. Sure enough, Hoskinson reportedly received several tweets stating that “many projects are excited to roll out nowon the network. The developers of these projects would be eager to use the new capabilities that Cardano (ADA) gained after its Vasil hard fork.

Hoskinson spoke in particular about the project planned by the decentralized music streaming company NEWM. The company wants to set up a platform that artists can use to share music with consumers. Artists will also be able to earn royalties through NFTs through this platform.

NEWM explained that upgrading Cardano (ADA) will increase the efficiency of its operations. The company said it was eagerly awaiting the rollout of itssmart contractsby Vasil. And these should becomemore efficient and profitable on Cardano“.

According to recent comments by Charles Hoskinson on Twitter, activity on the Cardano (ADA) network will increase now that the Vasil hard fork has taken place. For the NEWM company, “the future of music is happening nowthanks to the major step crossed Cardano (ADA).

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