Cardano (ADA): the Vasil hard fork, a controversial update?

The crypto community remained skeptical for several months about the Vasil hard fork. Indeed, faced with the various unkept promises on this operation, only a certain uncertainty remained. But, the community is starting to trust Cardano again with the date of the operation being confirmed. Charles Hoskinson recently specified that it would be for September 22.

The Cardano Vasil hard fork will take place before the end of the month!

Cardano (ADA) is about to perform its fifth and latest upgrade for the hard fork Vasil. The update should improve the programming language (Plutus) allowing to develop the smart contracts on the blockchain. It will also provide more scalability to Cardano and help reduce transaction fees. The founder of Cardano (ADA) announced that this upgrade will take place on September 22. Charles Hoskinson made the announcement on his YouTube vlog on Friday.

Thus, the launch of the Vasil hard fork of Cardano is scheduled for September 22. Charles Hoskinson said:We started and knew that over time we could achieve what Ethereum did […]. There’s a lot on the horizon, especially in 2023.“.

Separately, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), which worked on the update, said, “75% of the mainnet blocks are created by the final candidate of the Vasil node (1.35.3). […] Around 25 exchanges have been upgraded (representing 80% of ADA’s liquidity).“.

The Vasil hard fork of Cardano (ADA) should finally be launched on September 22 while it was initially planned for the month of June. It should be noted that in recent months, the price of ADA has experienced a decline. But, on Friday, with the announcement of the date of the Vasil hard fork, there was an increase of 0.98% compared to last week. Indeed, the price of the digital asset rose to $0.454.

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