Cardano (ADA): the Vasil hard fork, a controversial update?

Some time ago, developers published a series of posts in which they claimed that in their opinion the Vasil hard fork is rushed. For good reason, they had discovered a critical bug in version 1.35.2 supposed to be used for the realization of the upgrade. This discovery had created a wave of controversy on social networks. To answer it, Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano (ADA) came out of silence.

Charles Hoskinson’s response

According to Charles Hoskinson, it would be no need to retest version 1.35.2, because it would only harm the developers of DApps. He noted that several professionals, including network SPO operators, tested the code extensively for months. Furthermore, he claimed that the vulnerability in version 1.35.2 was removed in version 1.35.3 which was disclosed earlier this week, shortly after the bug was discovered.

However, Mr. Hoskinson admitted the possibility that the Cardano (ADA) community decide to postpone the launch of Vasil a few months in order to test the code again. But he revealed that it has already been done “a dozen times”. Moreover, according to him, testing the code one more time would not benefit DApps developers who have been hoping for the upgrade for almost a year.

Unnecessary delays

Unhappy with Mr. Hoskinson’s response, several users of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain were quick to hit back. For example, one said that Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the blockchain research and engineering company that developed Cardano, has so far not come forward on “the catastrophic death of version 1.35.2 and that, suddenly, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version without giving any further explanation”.

In response to this user, Charles Hoskinson claimed that the company has not been silent on this at all. He noted that the reason for the existence of version 1.35.3 lies in the problem discovered on the network. Furthermore, he added that resuming the tests would only yield no value to vulnerability. According to him, on the contrary, this would only lead to unnecessary delays.

Finally, when will the Vasil upgrade see the light of day? In principle, it was at the beginning of the year that it should be available. However, on many occasions it has been postponed due to vulnerability and other issues. At present, it is still unclear when it will be implemented. However, Mr. Hoskinson announced that ultimately it is knots who manage the network will choose the launch date of the hard fork, not him.

Twitter has recently been buzzing about the launch of the hard fork Vasil. While many people believe that testing still needs to be resumed due to the discovery of a bug in version 1.35.2, Charles Hoskinson thinks it would be a waste of time and a source of unnecessary delays.

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