Cardano (ADA), closer to its users than Bitcoin (BTC)?

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency that strongly competes with ether (ETH). It is increasingly popular and has seen some upside this week. Recently, rather positive statements about the Cardano (ADA) company and cryptos in general have been made.

Cardano (ADA), very intimate with its users!

According to a recent report, Cardano (ADA) interacts with its users more than any other asset in the crypto space. The report was published by MBLM, a New York-based “brand intimacy agency”. To draw its conclusions, it compared more than 600 brands in 19 industries. To do this, it used artificial intelligence and was able to analyze more than 1.4 billion words on the web.

MBLM explained that companies with a strong emotional connection with their clients generally perform well on the stock market. In fact, these companies can easily achieve excellent earnings and stock results. MBLM said about the platform of smart contracts Cardano: “New entry Cardano is not only the top-ranked crypto brand, but also the top-performing financial services brand in our study, ranking 26th overall.»

Overall, it appears that Cardano has the eighth highest brand intimacy of all industries analyzed. It is found behind media and entertainment, technology and telecommunications, retail, automotive, gaming, consumer goods and apparel.

Cardano (ADA) has a great relationship with its customers. It must be said that when it comes to brand intimacy, cryptocurrencies rank ahead of many notable industries. According to this reportIhe crypto sector is ahead in particular of health and hygiene (9th), applications and social platforms (15th) as well as travel (19th).

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