Boom!  Victory for Javier Milei and Bitcoin in Argentina

With his eccentric ideas, he scared a group of Argentinians: clearing the “ parasitic caste “, ” cut down the enemy state “, ” deregulate the firearms market “, dollarization of the economy And ” free competition of currencies “, etc. Some did not see him victorious against his rival Sergio Massa, current Minister of the Economy, runner-up to neoliberal President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) and friend of the United States. But seeing the partial results of the presidential elections, it is the ultraliberal candidate and fan of bitcion Milei who will ultimately go to the Pink House.

Argentina, here we go for 4 years of ultraliberalism

Javier Milei is one of these outsiders who would never have been able to collect votes from the Argentines without removal of Cristina Kirchner of the presidential race for a history of conviction at first instance. Luck therefore smiled on this candidate who considers that “ bitcoin represents the return of currency to its original creatorthe private sector “.

Bitcoin supporter Javier Milei won Argentina’s presidential election by securing more than 55% of the vote against his rival Sergio Massa, the country’s economy minister. »

A page in Argentine history is turning. Taking into account the numerical data collected in this Cointelegraph article, the Grand Argentier Massa no longer has a chance of winning this election. Details :

  • Javier Milei won more than 55% of votes ;
  • it has approximately 3 million votes ahead in relation to his opponent;
  • almost 90% of the ballots have been counted;
  • etc.
Almost final results of the second round of presidential elections in Argentina

And yet, he only obtained 29.99% of the votes in the first round. Sergio Massa, with a good result in the first round, with 37% of votes, has no other choice but to concede defeat by declaring that the anarcho-capitalist and climate-sceptic candidate Milei “ East the president that the majority of Argentines elected for the next four years “.

Bitcoin, dollar or CBDC?

The victory of Javier Milei, 53, constitutes a strong message intended for the party in power. Apparently, the latter did not lackuse the resources of the state apparatus during these last elections. However, it is difficult for them to maintain a positive balance sheet with an inflation rate exceeding 100%.

Enough to open the door wide to bitcoin (BTC) and other alternatives constantly mentioned by Milei before and during her campaigns.

Note also that in addition to its intention toabolish the central bank and to dollarize the economy of La Nacion, this former deputy promised the following:

The first thing we’re going to do is reform the monetary system. I will organize a referendum if necessary. And when 70% or 80% of the population wants to eliminate the peso, I will bring them to Congress, and those who oppose it, I will put them against the Argentines. »

Otherwise, the dream of CBDC (central bank digital currency) was stillborn with the defeat of its promoter Massa. Now that Milei will lead the country, Argentina will be able to choose between dollars and bitcoin. Or combine both at the same time. The new bitcoiner president would indeed have a miracle cure as an experienced economist.

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