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A new product has just emerged in the blockchain industry and the data protection market. Indeed, Binance offers better data security to its users. Thanks to the developers of the BNB blockchain, the new BNB Greenfield platform can now operate and facilitate the data usage service. This new option offered by the blockchain to its users is further proof to encourage investors to continue investing in society.

BNB Chain developers innovate !

BNB Greenfield: All About Binance’s New Decentralized Infrastructure

BNB Greenfield is defined as a blockchain integrated with BNB. It is also a web platform 3 which is based on a storage of numerous data integrated into the smart contracts. BNB Greenfield is also defined as a infrastructure targeting, as well as ecosystems with the objective of facilitating the decentralization of data economies. The new BNB Greenfield platform has only one main objective: unleash the full power of blockchain decentralization. The publication of the white paper of the new interface aims to make known the functionalities and objectives of BNB Greenfield.

Among the features listed is the ability for users to store data on a distributed network. It is also possible for them to access and monetize this data. All this through smart contracts following the procedures of the white paper on BNB Smart Chain. These different functionalities are only possible thanks to the use of the native BNB token.

Data protection is a top priority for any user of internet networks and cryptographic services. Putting together the whitepaper for Web3 is a real benefit for Binance customers. It reveals the interest accorded to security by the blockchain ecosystem. This is not a new means of security offered by the BNB ecosystem. BNB Greenfield comes third after BNB Beacon Chain which is the second means used by BNB to ensure security and governance.


This new network would be ideal for Web3 applications and more specifically social networks. Thanks to the AWS provider, the new data security network will be able to continue to perform calculations and feed data. According to statements from BNB Chain, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blockdaemon, and NodeReal are contributors who are working with the ecosystem to launch a new testnet over the next few months.

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