Blockchain: The video game industry is evolving with

The Web3, especially the blockchain, is full of new possibilities for the gaming industry. This is thanks to cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and especially NFTs (non-fungible token). Indeed, the appearance of NFTs has given way to a new economy which is now at the heart of the challenges of this industry. Video games have long been the prerogative of a handful of connoisseurs. Only a public of informed players ventured there. The or M3 video game platform brings a new deal since it wants to facilitate access to the world of games for non-professional users. To do this, M3 has chosen to position itself at the forefront of innovation in its industry by combining NFT and traditional games. Its multi-dimensional approach explodes with originality. Thus, it offers a new paradigm thanks to interoperability between its games. In other words, players can interact in different universes within the same game or choose from multiple games within the same universe.

Video games, a market that does not know the crisis

The video game market is at the top of the entertainment industry. Indeed, according to Statistica, it weighs around 87% in 2020, while cinema and music pale in comparison with the remaining 13%. In addition, the health context linked to Covid-19 has been favorable to it since it has earned around 300 billion dollars in 2021.

Cryptocurrencies open up new frontiers for the video game industry

Cryptocurrencies are a growth vector for the video game industry. They are bringing in their wake a new category of players who are above all seduced by the innovation brought by the blockchain and its derivatives.

In addition, the exchange of virtual assets is common in the world of video games. However, they are traditionally reserved for publishers or the black market. With the birth of NFTs, gamers are regaining control, as the blockchain guarantees sole ownership of a digital asset, regardless of what the publisher decides.

It is therefore a real revolution in the video game business model, even more so with the preponderant adoption of Play-to-Earn (Play to Win) or P2E. Thus, it allows players to earn tokens or NFTs. This game format is particularly popular among crypto-enthusiasts to the detriment of Pay-to-Win (Pay to Win) which is increasingly obsolete. As a result, M3 appears as a precursor with its second-generation Play-to-Earn platform based on innovative tokenomics.

M3, a uniquely positioned game

M3 is the fulfillment of the promise of a new world that brings together traditional games and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Based on a principle of NFT HTML 5 games in Freemium format, the platform is at the crossroads of Play and Earn, E-sport and Free to Play. What was once a possibility has become a reality thanks to M3. Indeed, the latter offers a versatile gaming environment where players can move according to their desires. Concretely, the players interact while being in different universes. More so, they have access to different games in the same universe. The platform goes even further in innovation since each NFT can be used on the different games of the M3 ecosystem.

The M3 platform has been developed since 2018, and the beta version of the sweetclash game was launched in 2020. It is a game created by players for players. As a result, it wants to bring them real added value with fairer and more transparent treatment.

Also, it is positioned at the antipode of the Pay-to-Win game format in which the return on investment is uncertain. Thereby, access to his universe is completely free. M3 also offers players the opportunity to earn substantial income that allows them to be financially independent.

With M3, players benefit from the vast potentialities of the crypto universe. To this end, they experience the real daily usefulness of NFTs in a simple and fun setting.

M3 relies on a multidisciplinary and experienced team. Thus, its hard core is made up of its three founders who have complementary skills: a gaming expert, an IT expert and a finance expert. In addition, the platform’s activity is divided into three studios, each of which has its own area of ​​expertise: blockchain technologies, video games and design.

The token economy is based on two tokens: The M3 token, required to transform NFTs and participate in tournaments. The Meta Golden Rabbits (MGR) token which is a community token for players. Governance is done through M3’s NFTs. We reserve more details on this subject in the next articles.

Two game versions are available as confirmed by the white paper of the project : a Freemium version and an NFT version.

The Freemium version

It is 100% free. Players have access to it without logging into their wallets. Also, users play and start collecting cards for free. Afterwards, they will be able to transform them into NFTs for a fee. These will depend on the rarity of the card and the floor price of the NFTs. For players to have access to NFT tournaments, they must access the “League 5” ladder of the freemium version. Indeed, the project teams want players to be able to discover and understand the game before carrying out paying tournaments.

The NFT version

NFT holders will have the opportunity to receive active income by participating in daily tournaments; passive income by making their NFTs available in the “Scholarship” program, which makes it possible to make their NFTs available for other players to participate in tournaments. In addition, they enjoy additional passive income from holding their NFTs, as 30% of the commissions recorded by M3 are distributed to all NFT holders.

How M3 reflection works.
How M3 Reflection Works

Also, playing the Freemium version is a must to improve the NFT sound quality. It is to say that the improvement of an NFT however requires commissions which will evolve according to the market prices. The primary goal is to always protect the value of NFTs from previous owners.

M3, a gaming platform at the service of its ecosystem

The universe of the M3 platform has the particularity of being dense. Also, it requires solid foundations in order to guarantee the reliability of the game. M3 is based on two pillars, namely accessibility to digital assets and the professionalization of players.

Simple and transparent accessibility to NFTs and tokens

M3 provides a trusted environment that ensures players can safely experience cryptocurrencies, especially NFTs. In this sense, M3 has implemented measures framed by smart contracts such as the guarantee of a floor price for NFTs on marketplaces.

In addition, M3 protects its universe from the appearance of whales. In this sense, the percentage of reflection decreases depending on the number of NFTs that the player has.

Explanation on the M3 whale protection.
Explanations on anti-whale protection

In addition, M3 has a security vault mechanism in which 50% of the commissions received are converted into M3 tokens. They are then put into the NFTs after each mint, sale, transformation or exchange. Users can destroy the NFT at will and recover the accumulated M3 token history.

Operation of the M3 secure safe
How the secure vault works

The professionalization of players

M3 aims to professionalize amateur players. Indeed, it allows players to switch from Play-to-Earn to E-sport. In other words, neophytes can become professionals. Thus, the time spent on the game is paid time.

In addition, M3 facilitates access to the platform by making it available on any medium without downloading. It’s a deliberate choice that favors gamers by not being on Android or Apple Store. As a result, M3 saves about 30% in commissions which are directly injected into the game.

Similarly, players on M3 have the opportunity to win rewards every day through daily tournaments on the platform. M3 prizes can be won.

In order to participate, each player must have M3 tokens (minimum 5 for the beginner tournament). Nevertheless, the player has the possibility of recovering the cost of his entry ticket during a single fight. M3 offers maximum chances to players. Also, four tournaments are permanently available.

Explanation of the M3 tournament format.
Explanation of tournament format

An entry into the subject with a competition

The platform offers a preview of a competition on his website. More than 60,000 euros are up for grabs from October 2 to November 1. The platform therefore wanted to celebrate good news for its community. For good reason, M3 took the lead on its roadmap because its Gods of Gods game was made available a month before the deadline. Do not hesitate to try your luck, because the rewards are as numerous as they are attractive:

  • Each participant wins a Whitelist for the NFT version of SweetClash and GodsofGods, with 10% off the mint;
  • 10 RARE NFT cards from the GOG genesis collection are up for grabs. RARE cards are thus accompanied by random founder bonuses. Each RARE card from this collection will be minted by M3 for a value of 500 euros;
  • 3 EPIC NFT cards from the GOG genesis collection. Also, EPIC cards come with a random skill and are used for tournaments. Each EPIC card in this collection will be minted by M3 for an amount of 1,000 euros ;
  • 3 PRO Team titles which entitle you to 1 free daily entry to all daily NFT tournaments for one year. The value of a title is 18,000 euros. M3 also rewards the less fortunate since some will receive Tether on their account;
  • Furthermore, 5 participants who have less luck will receive 100 USDT in their wallets ;

The rules governing the contest are as follows:

  • All NFTs are backed by the M3 token and grow as transactions are made. They can be burned at any time to receive this amount;
  • The cards will be distributed shortly after the end of the contest in the wallet you provided when completing the tasks;
  • Ranks will be distributed at the end of the launch event. You will have the opportunity to play in competitive mode when it launches estimated at Christmas.

To conclude

M3 has bet on an inclusive ecosystem for players. The platform also presents itself as an added value for studios that integrate a game universe with multiple potentialities and artists who benefit from commissions for each sale. It is therefore a successful bet for M3 which is entering Web3. By choosing the blockchain, M3 has taken the path of the avant-garde in its industry. The platform is only at the beginning of its surprises. Waiting for our next article where we will tell you all about the mint which will take place on October 31 in a future article. You can already take part in the M3 adventure by participating in its contest.

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