Blockchain: A New Grant Program from Casper's DApps

For several months, the team behind the Casper blockchain has been working to stimulate the development of innovative DdApps on the platform. To achieve this, it has launched a grant program for developers of innovative projects. So, in September, she announced the preparation of a hackathon to support developers who launch interesting projects on the network. The hackathon is open to all categories of developers. The authors of the most attractive projects are expected to share prizes of $135,000. Casper officials want to go faster and further. They are looking at another grant program.

$25 million up for grabs!

On November 21, the Casper blockchain announced the launch of its Casper Accelerate Grant Program. It aims to support developers and innovators building apps to support ecosystem growth. Casper will devote an envelope of 25 million dollars.

The grant support innovation in areas related to the infrastructure of the Casper ecosystem. There will also be a focus on Decentralized Applications (DApps), DeFi projects, and Gaming & NFT projects that focus solely on the network. One of the most major focuses of this program is support for cryptographic research.

An envelope of $25 million for developers of innovative projects

Casper’s team said it will provide training to support developers and innovators on its network. This, to complete the launch of this program. This training will be available from the first quarter of next year.

Two months ago, blockchain officials talked about hosting a hackathon to get developers interested. All this demonstrates the desire of the team behind the network to accelerate the construction of this blockchain.

Recall that the Casper network is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain focused on the company. Its vocation is to help companies create private or public applications aimed at strengthening their development.

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