BitPay launches new partnership with MoonPay

BitPay emerges as one of the largest providers of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin payment services across the world. To offer a better experience to its customers, this giant decides to collaborate with MoonPay. The latter is the world leader in terms of Web3 infrastructure. Discover the contributions of this agreement.

The purpose of the partnership between BitPay and MoonPay

The main objective of this agreement is to provide efficient means for the purchase of cryptos to users. In addition, customers can be sure to benefit from very advantageous rates. Additionally, this integration gives BitPay investors the ability to work with over 60 of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the unique BitPay marketplace experience offers different rates to buyers. This implies that they get the best price to acquire cryptos taking into account their needs. In addition to these, this integration also allows for fast delivery, regardless of your wallet address.

On the one hand, investors also have the possibility of pay for transactions with the methods of their choice. This is for example the case of PayPal, credit card, Google Pay, etc.

What is new in this agreement?

This partnership is a very important step for BitPay users. Reason why the first buyers of the structure are not going to pay the fees on the acquisitions of crypto. However, you should know that this is valid for a specific period.

Additionally, BitPay investors can now purchase cryptocurrency through the MoonPay online integration. However, you can also do it via or through the BitPaay Walley application.

On the one hand, the Partner account manager of MoonPay thinks that this collaboration embarks the whole world towards Web3. As a result, BitPay customers enjoy near instant access to different cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, this partnership between BitPay and MoonPay offers a wide variety of means of purchase cryptos to users. Not to mention the delivery speed which becomes much faster than before.

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