Bitcoin vs Ethereum: the queen of cryptos remains unbeatable!

Bitcoin maximalists believe that even the strongest of altcoins can’t come close to the flagship crypto in terms of resilience. Many will regret not concentrating their efforts in BTC when the Armageddon of finance arrives. At the moment, we are far from this date, and we hope that altcoins like Ethereum can compete with their elderbitcoin.

Bitcoin still reigns supreme in the cryptosphere

Bitcoin ended week 15 with an increase of 7.6%. Which allowed him to approach the bar of 31,000 dollars. Optimistic bitcoiners predict more increases in the price of their favorite crypto in the future.

Apart from this increase in its exchange value, bitcoin has also experienced other more substantial advances. The Block has just revealed that inflows of queen these cryptocurrencies jumped for 4 consecutive weeks.

Here are some figures relating to its latest performances:

  • bitcoin registered $104 million in capital inflows during the same period;
  • it has increased by 80% since the start of the year;
  • in 4 weeks, bitcoin saw 310 million capital inflows.

According to Coinshares:

We believe this is a flight to safety by investors frightened by the current challenges in traditional finance. The option remains split, however, with short bitcoin positions seeing inflows totaling $14.6 million in the past week.. »

Bitcoin still tops the list for market capitalization – Source: CoinGecko

Ether far behind

Ethereum has beautiful successfully complete their Shapella upgrade, but its performance cannot, for the moment, exceed that of bitcoin. Effectively, the 2e cryptocurrency in the world only totaled $300,000 in capital inflows.

In altcoins, the same data is still minimal compared to the achievements of the queen of crypto. Only $2.1 million in releases were also recorded at Polygon.

And for your information, know that the total amount of inflows in the last 4 weeks is $345 million. Say that for 6 weeks, $408 million leak has been seen in the cryptocurrency sector.

We can note that several important factors come into play in its performance. To cite only inflation, institutional investor rush for bitcoin and many others.

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