Bitcoin on track to repeat 2016 trends according to Binance CEO

The precedents are closely followed by the crypto industry. Although these are not absolutes in themselves, investors tend to follow previously realized dynamics to envision what could happen for a crypto. Concerning bitcoin (BTC), Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the boss of Binance revealed an interesting analysis on its growth prospects.

Deja vu for bitcoin according to Binance CEO

The price of bitcoin (BTC) fell 1.10% recently to trade around $26,835 24 hours. Over the past week, the flagship crypto has lost nearly 3.85% of its valuation, sparking speculation about its short-term prospects.

The latest comes from the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ. Reacting to a discussion on Twitter, now X, the crypto expert suggested that the current bitcoin trends would not be a first.

According to the head of Binance, the current dynamics of the flagship crypto were already observed in 2016. At that time, CZ recalls, bitcoin (BTC) shattered the limits established after a consolidation phase.

The asset then began a remarkable surge. An improvement following which bitcoin prices soared to historic highs. Could the current dynamics of bitcoin be the harbinger of a future explosion in the price of the asset?

Should we consider a steep rise in the valuation of BTC?

As highlighted above, crypto precedents are not 100% reliable data. As a result, it would be entirely presumptuous to claim that this development would imply a price increase for bitcoin.

However, such a prospect cannot be ruled out. For experts, the current trajectory of bitcoin, combined with this historical precedent, portends interesting developments in the near future.

If history repeats itself, as Binance CEO suggests, then bitcoin could experience a period of remarkable growth. New historical price records are in this case entirely possible, the asset also consolidating its place in the dynamic crypto industry.

Although past trends do not guarantee future performance, observations of iconic figures like CZ of Binance cannot be ignored. In the meantime, several experts are unanimous on the fact that the usefulness and role of bitcoin could strengthen with the expected emergence of a bitcoin ETF. A prospect that investor Arthur Hayes seems to doubt.

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