CBDC, Digital Dollar and totalitarian dystopia

The spearhead of the Great Reset is the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). A dystopian currency synonymous with a totalitarian society and in which even the United States is interested.

“The Future of money”

This is the title of a report of 58 pages published this Tuesday, September 20 by the US Treasury about the “Digital Dollar”.

We find this idea that the Digital Dollar will replace cash in the Futur of Money report:

“A CBDC could be designed as an alternative to cash, check, credit or debit card payments. For example, a CBDC could replace cash in low-value transactions, as it is more convenient, less prone to loss or theft, or has other user-preferred features. She could also s‘utilize instead of credit or debit card substitutes for online shopping, automated bill payment, or other financial transactions. »

Overall, the report mirrors those of the Bank for International Settlements. The very one whose Chairman, Agustin Carsten, bluntly declares “that unlike good old cash, the CBDC will give central bankers absolute control over how it can be used.”

If the Treasury Department advocates for the digital dollar, this CBDC will have to be in “national interest”. However, there is no doubt that abolishing cash is part of the White House’s roadmap. Joe Biden is a “very active member” of the World Economic Forum, according to Klaus Schwab himself.

Indeed, this is the kind of talk we hear from the WEF. Here the president of Alibaba Group, Michael Evans, on the occasion of WEF 2022:

“We are developing, thanks to technology, a function allowing consumers to measure their own carbon footprint according to their destinations, how they travel, what they eat, what they consume. So: A individual tracker of the carbon footprint. »

To achieve this, Big Brother needs to get rid of cash. The leader of the UK’s largest ATM network predicted that “cash only has five years left to live”…

One CBDC to rule them all

The CBDC gives central bankers and their government ilk the ability to rule our lives as they see fit:

  • Progressive taxes on energy consumption
  • Monitoring our ways of life through purchase histories
  • Blocking the money of protesters (journalists, demonstrators, political opponents, etc.)
  • Negative interest rates on savings
  • Connecting to social credit
  • Expiry date on silver (to stimulate economic activity)

For example, imagine that the government decides to ration gasoline in the name of the war effort. And later in the name of global warming. The digital dollar would ration the number of liters of gasoline that can be purchased each week/month.

It would also be possible to allow only people who have paid their insurance to buy gasoline. The totalitarian options are endless and we already have a tangible taste of them in China, the home of social credit.

The digital yuan is so “programmable” that the currency can expire. The goal is to force the expense under penalty of losing his money. This obscure monetary policy is called Gesell money. Or melting currency. Some people like Anice Lajnef promote it in France…

Fortunately, some Fed governors, like Neel Kashkari (that name…), are openly skeptical. Suggesting that it is entirely possible that the CBDC will never see the light of day:

“I keep asking anyone to explain to me what problem [une CBDC] solves. […] I’m told it may be better for financial inclusion. Maybe better for international transfers. But where is the evidence? I can imagine very well why use [une CBDC] whether the purpose is to monitor our every move or impose negative interest rates. » »

A CBDC for the old continent?

The ECB thinks about it, but nothing is done. It would seem that there is strong reluctance within the Board of Governors.

However, the European Commission prepared already in the field with his project “ EU Digital ID Wallet “. The EU is preparing to launch it with the help of European companies specializing in digital identity.

This new consortium is led by Nobid (Nordic-Baltic eID Project). It includes banks, government agencies and technology companies working on biometric identification based on facial recognition.

The aim of the consortium is to integrate digital payments and digital identity into the wallet European. In addition, the project should also “complement” other projects, in particular the Digital Euro dear to Christine Lagarde…

Among the multinationals involved, note the presence of ThalesiProov, Signicat, RB, BankID, Rewe, Auðkenni, Poste Italiane, Intesi Group, InfoCert, etc.

The dark designs of the central bankers unfortunately also seem to be settling in India. Below, the central bank governor says during the Global Fintech Fest that the CBDC is being implemented:

“Today, the head of the Central Bank of India gave this speech in which he explains that the country’s CBDC project is not a pilot project but rather a ‘phased implementation’. »

The Indian subcontinent is not at its first attempt. The Asian giant has already tried to put an end to cash in 2016. And this, on the good advice of the Bill & Mellinda Gates foundation. The same one who founded the “Digital Identity” and “Better than cash” alliances, whose role is to promote the end of cash all over the world…

This monetary blitzkrieg aimed to bank the Indians to develop digital payment. Difficult task in a society that uses cash wisely 90% of the time.

The other motivation was to force hundreds of millions of Indians to create their “Aadhaar” biometric identity that Reserve Bank of India will use.

In short, if the goal of the WEF is to tackle global warming, Klaus Schwab should instead ask industries to stop producing energy-intensive things. CBDC is an enslaving humiliation that should never exist, even with the best of intentions.

You will own bitcoin and you be happy.

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