Bitcoin - MicroBT catches up with Bitmain!

MicroBT has unveiled a bitcoin miner with performance very close to that of its competitor Bitmain.

Bitcoin Miner M60

After Bitmain and its antminer S21, it is the turn of MicroBT to unveil its latest additions to the Whatsminer M60 and M63 series. CEO Zuoxing Yang presented them at the event Blockchain Life to Dubai.

Zuoxing Yang notably highlighted the growing importance of renewable energy sources (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.), which is obviously an opportunity for the bitcoin industry.

Indeed, nearly 3,000 GW of renewable capacity is currently awaiting connection to networks around the world, the equivalent of 5 times the photovoltaic and wind capacity connected in 2022.

In other words, a lot of renewable electricity is wasted because it cannot be transported via high voltage lines which are slowly developing. This is a boon for agile miners who can use these surpluses, in return financing the energy transition.

While Bitmain is focusing on hydro cooling, the M60 will also be available in its version with immersion cooling in a heat transfer liquid.

Whatsminer in three versions: hydro / air / immersion

The WhatsMiner M66S and WhatsMiner M66 immersion-cooled models boast hashrates ranging from 270TH/s to 298TH/s and 240TH/s to 276TH/s, respectively. For efficiencies of 18.5 J/T and 19.9 J/T respectively.

The hydro-cooled models M63S and M63 show higher hashrates. From 360TH/s to 390TH/s and from 334TH/s to 366TH/s. For an efficiency of 18.5 J/TH and 19.9 J/TH. This is more (less good) than the 16 J/TH of the Bitmain S21 model.

The fan-cooled models M60S and M60 display a hashrate ranging from 170TH/s to 186TH/s and from 150Th/s to 172Th/s. For an efficiency of 18.5 J/T and 19.9 J/T.

Bitmain does better with an efficiency of 17.5 J/TH. However, this gap is very small. It can be largely offset by a small difference in the price of electricity.

Regarding prices:

–M60 : $25 per TH ($4300) / 3422 watts
–M60S : $27 per TH ($5022) / 3441 watts
–M66 : $27 per TH ($7000) / 5572 watts
–M63S : $27 per TH ($10,530) / 7215 watts

With the M60, the profit over three years, at six cents per kWh, is $20,600. The overall cost to mine one bitcoin is $13,800. This allows you to obtain a bitcoin at a 60% discount compared to its current price of $34,000.

The profit disappears from 15 cents per kWh. It is therefore difficult to mine bitcoins on the French national network.

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