Bitcoin Lightning Network: David Marcus, Imperturbable Despite the Difficulties

Just because things are tough doesn’t mean we dare not venture out. It’s because we don’t dare that they are difficult “. With this quote borrowed from the Stoic philosopher Seneca, David Marcus sent a very important message to the crypto community: he will continue to build on Bitcoin Lightning despite the difficulties. No matter the expense of this initiative, he and his entire team will not back down with Lightspark.

David Marcus bets everything on the Lightning Network

Box ofexperiences in such notorious boxes as Meta and PayPalDavid Marcus decided to join the fantastic world of cryptocurrencies by co-founding Lightspark. Lightspark is like an instant bitcoin payment solution little greedy in terms of gas costs.

David Marcus, who is not one to lock himself in his ivory tower, does not hesitate to express himself on Twitter from time to time. Once, he put on the bib of preachers of the future of the crypto market arguing that the bear market will last throughout 2023.

In a recent Twitter thread, the CEO of Lightspark touched on the subject of the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

David Marcus continues to bet on the Bitcoin Lighting Network

And with that, we got recommitted to building on Bitcoin Lightning, and do whatever it takes to reach their full potential. ‘Cause it’s time for the world to have a universal open protocol for payments. 11/12 »

At the beginning of this sharing, D. Marcus spoke of a questioning made with the constructors orbiting around Lightspark. Mature reflections led them to bet once again on the Lightning network.

I always tend to insist on the fact that we must avoid continuing on the current path because of the sunk costs. It is healthy to question decisions made in the past when new information seems to become available and to recommit and redouble our effortsor change course “, he continued.

Lightspark’s goal is to develop a ” really open, interoperable, extremely cheap, protocol for internet money/payments “. Basically, a device almost similar to a layer 2 ZK-rollup for Bitcoin.

Moving forward despite difficulties

David Marcus says he took the time to weigh the difficulty of building software on layer 4 of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. ” Passing a new Opcode to the mainnet is almost mission impossible “, he argues.

In June, The Block has already reported similar comments from the co-founder of Lightspark. But that hasn’t stopped Lightspark from betting on the ” rails and not the assets “. At that time, Marcus’ start-up was able to raise about $173 million to boost its activities.

Thus was born a new range of products to facilitate the use of the LN while relying on the same network. Also, Lightspark aims to reorganize the process allowing crypto market players to connect to the Lightninng network. Provided, of course, that the latter put in place peer-to-peer payment channels.

Is David Marcus right to bet on the Bitcoin Lighting Network? For the anti-centralization, this choice seems justified. In addition, the LN is not lacking in assets, to mention only its exponential growth last June.

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