Bitcoin - Jack Mallers anticipates $50,000 for 2025

The CEO of the LN Strike application Jack Mallers also made his prediction regarding the price of bitcoin for 2024.

Bull run

Faced with a Bloomberg journalist agreeing that “bitcoin has officially become an asset, a store of value, but not a currency”Jack Mallers replied “not being sure it’s absolutely important.”

“Personally, I no longer have any dollars, I’ve had enough. I think the real risk is holding dollars whose purchasing power keeps falling.”did he declare.

“Faced with a government that prints so much money, what should I do? To buy a house ? Bet on the stock market? Should I try to guess what Jeff Bezos has in his plans? Bitcoin is the most accessible and simple answer to this problem.

How many people around the world are facing the loss of purchasing power of fiat currency? Eight billion! Everyone is affected and everyone could hold bitcoins instead. You want to use it as a means of payment or as a store of value. Never mind. »

By the way, the CEO of Ark Invest Cathie Wood – who has just launched the ETF (ARKB) – declared at the same time on CNBC :

“We tried to determine whether bitcoin could fulfill all three roles of money. Store of value, medium of exchange, unit of account, and the answer to this question was yes. »

As for how high bitcoin could go this year, Jack Maller anticipates a new all-time high.

“I think we could be somewhere between $250,000 and a million dollars, so around $500,000 in 2025. We will see governments printing money again and Bitcoin is the appreciating asset the fastest. »

Little corner calculation! Assuming bitcoin appreciates at 40% per year through 2034, bitcoin will be worth $1.3 million. An investment of $10,000 will turn into $280,000.

A word to the wise, hodl!

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