Bitcoin in retirement pensions?  Michael Saylor says YES!

The ball is now well underway for American pension funds and Bitcoin! As the first institutions begin to invest in the recent bitcoin ETFs, Michael Saylor, president of MicroStrategy, has just launched a new prediction. According to the bitcoin crypto oracle, institutional adoption will soon become widespread across all of the thousands of US pension funds.

Bitcoin: The Prophecy of Widespread Adoption

“There are thousands of pension funds in the United States that manage approximately $27 trillion in assets. They're all going to need Bitcoin. » The words are released, as visionary as ever in the mouth of Michael Saylor. While the first institutions were just beginning to venture into Bitcoin, here it is now predicting widespread adoption on a very large scale.

His reasoning is once again implacable. Pension funds, guardians of part of the wealth of American households, cannot forever ignore the virtues of protection against inflation and store of value of Bitcoin in the face of the erosion of fiat currencies.

But BTC would also represent a fantastic opportunity for these investors to ride the wave of digital disruption and innovation, otherwise at the risk of being overtaken. Hence the need, according to Saylor, to massively integrate crypto assets into their portfolios.

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Eloquent beginnings

If the generalization of such massive institutional adoption may still seem like a very ambitious prophecy, recent developments on Bitcoin ETFs lend credence to Saylor's oracles.

In recent weeks, we have seen the first pension funds rename, take the plunge and invest millions in these listed instruments. Wisconsin public pension manager SWIB invested $99 million in BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF. Other giants like JPMorgan and Wells Fargo have also reportedly taken positions.

Wisconsin public pension manager SWIB invested $99 million in BlackRock's Bitcoin ETFWisconsin public pension manager SWIB invested $99 million in BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF
Bitcoin ETF Wisconsin investment

A first breach in the wall of centuries-old institutional distrust towards Bitcoin. But these initiatives, as symbolic as they are, could well be only the beginnings of a much more massive movement.

While the first institutional steps on Bitcoin are taking shape, the influential Michael Saylor sees even further and more massive. Retirement pension funds that integrate BTC? A dizzying prospect when we know the sprawling liquidity potential of these investor behemoths.

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