Bitcoin: heading for new all-time highs

Matt Hougan, chief investment officer at Bitwise Asset Management, is particularly optimistic about bitcoin’s future. According to him, the famous cryptocurrency could not only exceed $30,000 in the short term, but also reach new highs by next year.

Matt Hougan, the crypto oracle and his predictions

These days, it seems like everyone is discovering their talents as a soothsayer when it comes to predictions.

Here is a good example: matt hougan gives us his predictions on the cryptocurrency market. He talks about last year’s scandals involving FTX and LUNA, which were allegedly caused by rampant growth.

However, our dear crypto oracle believes that the market has now purified itself of its excesses and shed its excessive leverage. So, grab your crystal balls and place your bets!

The Rising Cryptosphere and the Challenges of Regulation

Well, it looks like bitcoin has taken its toll this year. Indeed, the cryptocurrency has risen by 77% since the beginning of the yearbecoming the best performing asset class in the world.

Matt Hougan, remains convinced that bitcoin will soon fly away beyond $30,000 and reach uncharted heights. Maybe not this year, but it is surely betting on a spectacular take-off in 2024. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to take off!

Meanwhile, Matt Hougan doesn’t mince words in criticizing US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. The latter seems to have found a DeLorean and applies regulation rules straight out of the 1930s on 21st century technologies.

According to our dear Matt, the cryptocurrency sector needs a little more light and appropriate regulations to be able to fully exploit the wonders offered by these latest innovations. Come on, Gary, It’s time to update your control software!

Matt Hougan’s predictions for bitcoin show some optimism about the evolution of the cryptocurrency market.

He believes that the current recovery is the result of a healthier market and growing interest in digital assets. However, it also underlines the importance of updating existing regulations to adapt them to the technological prowess of the 21st century.

If these adjustments are made, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could well continue their momentum and exceed the most enthusiastic prognoses. Now, all that remains is to observe whether regulators will be able to seize this opportunity to support the development of this flourishing sector. This could reconcile the opinions of experts, who for the moment remain divergent when it comes to price forecasts. Let’s cross our fingers and prepare the confetti!

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