Bitcoin (BTC): Starlink is about to revolutionize mining!

At the present time when mining decentralization is at the center of all interests, internet service providers compete in ingenuity to offer practical, ecological and revolutionary solutions. Challenge taken up! It is now possible to operate a Bitcoin node with only three pieces of equipment: Starlink, an energy station and a solar panel.

Demo video of running a bitcoin node with a solar-powered Starlink device

Running a bitcoin node: How does the device work?

This is no longer a myth! Bitcoin enthusiasts can now run Bitcoin nodes in the most remote areas. In his tweet, one of the users said he was extremely satisfied with his new device tested during a camping trip in Central Europe. He used it to make a payment on Lightning Network.

To run a bitcoin node, it used:

  • a Starlink device,
  • EcoFlow brand power generation equipment
  • a solar panel.

The principle of operation of this revolutionary system is simple: Starlink connects the Bitcoin node to the Bitcoin network. The Starlink satellite fleet being powered by solar energy produced by the panel as well as EcoFlow equipment.

The node represents an integral part of the Bitcoin network. It validates each transaction made with this cryptocurrency. More explicitly, the node checks all Bitcoin transactions for compliance. This then guarantees their reliability.

Created by Elon Musk, Starlink has a specific goal: to reach parts of the world where energy is cheap and internet access is lacking. To do this, the company is offering a broadband Internet system that will cover Africa, South Asia and East Asia in particular. All the details are explained in this article.

Note that the installation of a Starlink access point requires an average budget of $600. For the monthly subscription, an additional $3,000 will be required. Expenses that will be quickly amortized thanks to the income generated by the mining of bitcoins.

For some, such a BTC node setup is extremely expensive. For others, it is a practical and ecological solution. In any case, special attention should be paid to it.

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