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MicroStrategy is one of the companies experiencing an upward trajectory in the cryptocurrency space. She can thank Michael Saylor, her former CEO, because with over 130,000 BTC in her possession, she has become a bitcoin whale. Aware that it will need the best talent to play leading roles in the sector, it continues to seek profiles that can bring it added value. Currently, they want to hire a full-time network engineer for all of their Lightning Network-related products.

MicroStrategy to recruit a Lightning Network Engineer

MicroStrategy is looking for its next Bitcoin and Lightning Network engineer

The software publisher MicroStrategy is one of the companies that have evolved a lot in Bitcoin. For the past few weeks, the company has made no secret of its desire to convince several people to join the Lightning Network. The company comes from post a job offer to find a litghning network engineer. This professional will formulate software solutions by leveraging Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. the senior software developer will work for its new platform that will see the light of day. Thanks to this platform, the IT monitoring specialist sought will make available to companies: “innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges and enabling new e-commerce use cases”. In addition to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, the engineer will also be able to use other DeFi technologies.

The company does not hide its interest in crypto projects and projects open-source of scale. The release of MicroStrategy’s job posting comes weeks after the resignation of its co-founder and former CEO Michael Saylor. Prior to his departure, the former boss worked on second layer scaling solution enterprise applications. As part of this work, he said: “MicroStrategy currently has ongoing R&D projects where we are working on Enterprise Lightning applications: Enterprise Lightning Wallet, Enterprise Lightning Servers, Enterprise Authentication. ». It is therefore a heavy legacy that Saylor left behind him.


Microstrategy is a bitcoin whale, as it accounts for over 130,000 BTC. The company is currently going through a significant depreciation period worth $917 million in the second half. This devaluation coincides with the price of bitcoin falling more than 65% from its ATH. The new engineer will have his work cut out for him.

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