The institutional waltz against Bitcoin (BTC)

Sometimes, all it takes is a tweet to panic the web. When your name is Elon Musk, the slightest publication can create an unprecedented shock wave. Accustomed to well-calculated statements, the owner of Tesla would have expressed his desire to buy the legendary English club Manchester United. Very quickly, reactions followed one another, before he clarified that it was only a hoax. In the middle of the reactions, that of Michael Saylor particularly caught the attention. The ex-MicroStrategy boss invited Musk to invest a little more in bitcoin (BTC).

Michael Saylor’s request to Elon Musk to invest more in bitcoin

Elon Musk’s anecdotal tweet about his next investment

Elon Musk, CEO of You’re here, has a special affection for the social network Twitter. A platform he had to buy before everything fell apart at the last minute. A few weeks ago he made a comment in which he claimed he intended to buy English football club Manchester United: “So I’m going to buy Manchester United — no way! “, he published. It was enough for the club’s fans and the whole canvas to ignite.

The English club’s supporters are struggling to get along with the club’s current owners. This tweet was therefore well received, even if the billionaire clarified that it was a joke. Among the many people who reacted to his statements, we find Michael Saylor, a defender of bitcoin, who left a short comment. We will prefer you to buy other bitcoins», he replied to Elon Musk.

Saylor and Musk: Two strong supporters for bitcoin

Michael Saylor is not an unknown figure in the crypto industry. Indeed, the former executive chairman and co-founder of MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software publishing company, is greatly linked to bitcoin. Two months before his response to Elon Musk, his structure had increased its bitcoin reserve.

In 2021, Saylor and Musk have been the leading figures in bitcoin thanks to their respective investments. MicroStrategy alone would have purchased close to 130,000 bitcoin. This allowed him to go from astructure of decision-making software to an investment fund. For his part, the billionaire Elon Musk has investments estimated at 1.5 billion dollars of bitcoins.

The purchases made by these two bitcoin heroes have had an impact on their holdings. MicroStrategy notably accuses a depreciation of approximately one billion dollars on its fortune. At the same time, the Tesla company sold more than three quarters of its holdings. This allowed him to collect $ 930 million, despite losses of nearly $ 170 million on his remaining stake.


In sum, Elon Musk and Michael Saylor are two influential figures in the crypto world. As excellent businessmen, all their publications, humorous or not, have a grain of truth. Will Elon Musk take Saylor’s advice and invest more in bitcoin? Let’s wait to see Musk’s reaction and the decision he will take.

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