Bitcoin (BTC): Gavin Andresen once again credits “Faketoshi” Craig Wright

Craig Steven Wright always thought he was the inventor of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Admittedly, this cost him many lawsuits, but he will never give up his fight. Recently, the court heard from Gavin Andresen, the right arm of the father of the queen of cryptocurrencies. He announced in court that CSW reportedly holds keys belonging to S. Nakamoto.

Dr. Wright, ” in possession of Satoshi Nakamoto’s keys »

For Craig Wright, no court, let alone a hater, will take away his status as the father of bitcoin. Whether he’s called Hodlonaut, or whether he’s a BTC developer capable of taking the UK to court.

In this case, CSW is fortunate to be supported by notorious witnesses like Gavin Andresena close friend of Satoshi Nakamoto.

New testimony where Gavin Andersen supports Craig Wright

Satoshi’s right-hand man, Gavin Andresen, testifies under oath in US federal court that he was not ‘coaxed’ and that Dr. Craig Wright cryptographically signed Blocks 1 and 9, and is most likely still in possession of Satoshi Nakamoto’s keys. »

In the screenshot pinned to this tweet, we can read the following passage:

“I meant he bamboozled me about the gibberish evidence, but I still think it’s very likely that he didn’t bamboozle me during the signing ceremony. »

This post by Ryushi has been showered with comments from the X (or Twitter) community.

@theivorycitadel dismissed Gavin Andersen’s claim by highlighting theno transaction since the disappearance of the father of bitcoin.

Lies. One million original bitcoins have still not been moved. He doesn’t have the keys. He’s a despicable liar. »

In other words, the fact that Craig Wright could not transfer a single BTC from Nakamoto’s wealthy wallet proves a lie.

Gavin Andresen often changes versions

Gavin Andresen is a major player in the history of bitcoin. He is even given the nickname ” the man who built bitcoin since he was always there after the disappearance of his mentor, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Thus, any testimony from the Bitcoin Foundation could tip the scales in any lawsuit involving the queen of cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, we should note that his opinions regarding Dr. Craig Wright vary from year to year. In June 2023, U°Today highlighted his regret after supporting the “Faketoshi”.

Gavin Andersen regrets supporting Craig Wright

It was a mistake to trust Craig Wright “, he had advanced in his blog.

However, a few years ago, Gavin Andresen argued that CSW is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. He had even provided a private evidence to reinforce his position.

Note that Mr. Wright declared before Norwegian judge Helen Engebrigtsen, during the case opposing him to Hodlonaut, that he will not provide cryptographic evidence proving his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto. What he said to Gavin Andresen seems more than enough. So this story won’t end anytime soon.

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