Bitcoin (BTC) at the center of the US presidential election?

When we talk about the American presidential elections, we immediately think of debates around the economy, health or foreign policy. However, a surprising player seems to be joining the political feast: bitcoin. This fascinating and controversial cryptocurrency now seems to be influencing power games across the Atlantic.

The DeSantis-Biden fight: a crypto issue?

By evoking a “war on bitcoin”, Governor Ron DeSantis adds a new string to his electoral bow. This fervent defender of cryptocurrencies does not hesitate to sharply criticize the Biden administration, which he accuses of slowing the rise of these digital assets.

Behind these hard-hitting words, however, hides a more nuanced reality. Bitcoin, this digital titan with a market capitalization close to 564 billion dollars, does not directly suffer the wrath of the SEC. Nevertheless, other cryptocurrencies are indeed feeling this regulatory pressure.

The picture becomes more complicated when we know that DeSantis, echoing the ubiquitous Elon Musk, accuses Biden of wanting to “kill” bitcoin. However, the facts contradict these claims: SEC head Gary Gensler has clearly classified bitcoin as a commodity. For this reason, it distances it from the strict regulation of financial securities.

A future pro-Bitcoin president: chimera or impending reality?

Beyond the DeSantis-Biden battle, other protagonists enter the scene. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., heir to an American political dynasty, positions itself unambiguously in favor of Bitcoin. His captivating speeches evoke an impending financial bubble, against which only bitcoin could provide a safe haven.

This bold stance, combined with bitcoin’s meteoric rise since its inception, raises a fundamental question: is the US ready for an openly pro-crypto leader? Former President Donald Trump, although leading the polls for the Grand Old Party (GOP), reveals a mixed opinion, oscillating between criticism and opportunism.

It is undeniable that Bitcoin has won many followers around the world. There is now three US presidential candidates who accept bitcoin for campaign donations.

Bitcoin, once seen as just a geek currency, is carving out a place for itself in American political debates. If this trend is confirmed, the next election could well be marked with the seal of Bitcoin. But one question remains: is this growing adoption a sign of real awareness or a simple electoral tool? Only the future will tell us.

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