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Marc Cuban is the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Invited in one of the “Club Random” episodes, he spoke about cryptocurrency. More specifically, he defended Bitcoin in the face of comments by host Bill Maher. Antibitcoin, the latter rather believes in the value of gold. For his part, Mark Cuban affirmed his support for crypto (and more specifically for bitcoin). According to him, it would be stupid to invest in gold.

Mark Cuban remains confident about Bitcoin’s future. He is against investing in gold

Falling cryptocurrency prices are an opportunity, says Mark Cuban

Like many personalities, the famous billionaire Mark Cuban considers bitcoin as a store of value (just like gold). A seasoned investor like him therefore does not care about possible drops in the price of bitcoin. An event that worries more than one in recent days.

For Mark Cuban, this price drop is on the contrary an opportunity. The reason is simple: he can buy more. “I want bitcoin to go down a lot so I can buy it,” he said.

During his speech in one of the “Club Random” episodes, he also spoke about the collapse of FTX and the resounding impact of this affair. Thus, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks continues to believe in cryptocurrencies. He admits that the crypto industry is going through a tough time right now. Nevertheless, he remains confident about the opportunities it offers.

“Anyone who invests in gold and not in bitcoin is stupid”, says Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban cut to the chase when responding to Bill Maher, when the latter said he invests in gold. “If you invest in gold, you are really stupid,” he retorted. Cuban does indeed agree on one point: gold is a store of value. He argues, however, that investing in gold does not mean owning the real thing. If we have a gold bar, someone can kill us and steal our gold when things go wrong. A statement that only confirms his opinion on investing in gold.

Mark Cuban is a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency world. The fact that he defends Bitcoin is no wonder. However, his criticisms and stance on gold investing are perplexing to some. And you, What do you think ?

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