Binance: CZ facing a new crisis, the company is collapsing!

More than two years after PopcornSwap’s Rugpull, the community is rising up and demanding an explanation from Binance. The crypto company, after freezing the assets on the chain, has been silent all this time and it is time for things to change.

Binance must answer for the lack of communication after the 2021 Rugpull

The Binance community seems unhappy. Two and a half years after the Rugpull, investors still have no news regarding frozen funds. In January 2021, a protocol published on BNB Chain, PopcornSwap performed a cash scam.

This incident resulted in a loss of nearly two million dollars. Fortunately, Binance limited the losses by freezing the stolen funds. However, the lack of communication since then has users worried.

Indeed, the Binance press briefing, BSC News, has not talked about it since then, although the page is still online. And for some users, this lack of communication challenges the philosophy of the crypto company. If the customer is really the priority, how is it that he is relegated to the background?

Bad times for the society that chains crises

This wave of discontent comes at the worst time for Binance. Currently, the company is struggling with regulations in several continents. Its position in Europe crumbles little by little, whereas it had big dreams of conquests.

In France, CZ’s business is reportedly facing a money laundering investigation. Earlier this year, she applied for the delisting of her entity in Cyprus as last month she announced her departure from the UK. As if that weren’t enough, add to that the accusations from the SEC.

Faced with this accumulation of crises, users understand that the team must have their work cut out for them. However, she laments the way she treats the liquidity siphon Rugpull and frozen assets.

For investors, Binance’s ability to freeze tokens means the company can reissue them to creators. Therefore, a user wonders why she does nothing. So far, they have used direct and indirect methods, but CZ and his team remain silent. However, they have every intention of getting answers.

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