Binance Announces New 30% Staking

CZ thinks big and doesn’t hide it. After taking first place among the best cryptocurrency platforms, Binance is launching a new, more than promising project. Discover Binance’s new staking and increase your earnings!

Theta, the new Binance project

Binance multiplies the exploits and is deployed in many countries around the world. Besides being the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, it continues to surprise investors with new services. Currently, it’s Theta, his new staking that is putting the sector in turmoil.

What’s different? Well, it earns an annual rate of return (APR) of up to 30% during the current promo. The process is simple and quite basic. Indeed, first come, first served. And as always when staking, returns are calculated automatically.

Therefore, by participating in Theta staking on Binance, you will be entitled to almost the same process as usual. Namely, the yield calculation starts at 00:00 the day after the start of staking. And the return is paid at the end of the staking period. However, the platform offers different percentages income depending on the duration of your staking.

What is crypto staking?

The crypto sector attracts many people. However, volatility leaves no one indifferent and more and more people are wary of it. As a result, crypto staking is the best alternative for making money with your assets without taking too many risks.

Indeed, staking consists of locking one’s assets on a trading platform in order to have certain advantages on the blockchain. Thus, depending on the terms chosen (fixed or flexible), you can benefit from an exceptional rate of return. And that’s what CZ’s crypto company offers.

The new staking on Binance promises many benefits. Nevertheless, although it does not require any specific knowledge, it is necessary to know what to expect before you start.

Binance launches new service and announces new staking. Discover Theta and enjoy the best return percentages, more than 30% in one year. However, this is only valid for the duration of the promotion. Once completed, the APR will be readjusted according to the standard annual rate of return. So take advantage of it now.

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