AXS, FLOKI, USDT…: These cryptos that delight stakers!

Like mining, cryptocurrency staking promises dividends for investors. But where can you find the most lucrative returns? While bitcoin and ethereum hog the spotlight, let’s explore cryptos with double-digit annual returns.

Crypto: The best assets to stake!

Would you like a little dive into the world of crypto staking? Let’s start with the definition. Crypto staking invites you to lock your crypto holdings to support the operations of a blockchain. In exchange, rewards are offered in the form of additional tokens. This process provides passive income while strengthening network security.

Best cryptos to stake by Binance

In the frantic race for cryptocurrencies, AXS rises to the top of the podium for stratospheric staking returns. This Ethereum token, fuel for Axie Infinity, a virtual game where players build their digital kingdom to pamper their virtual companions, has become the object of all desire. AXS holders can boast of enjoying substantial rewards by staking their precious tokens, participating in wild games and having their say in crucial governance votes. With a price of $7.73, AXS offers an attractive return of 23.9% to stakers, making people happy in the crypto sphere.

However, in this race for profit, AXS is not alone. FLOKI, a new kid at the modest price of 0.00003224 dollars, is also making waves with an APY of 21.9%. Inspired by billionaire Elon Musk’s famous dog, Floki, this utility token is at the heart of the Floki ecosystem, powering innovative projects like the NFT gaming metaverse Valhalla and the decentralized finance platform “FlokiFi”.

But let’s not forget the USDT of Tether, the veteran of stability, which proudly maintains its place on the podium with an APY of 13.67%. Anchored to the value of the US dollar, the USDT stablecoin continues to appeal to investors seeking security in a sea of ​​crypto volatility.

For the rest, we noted on the official Binance website that the 4e place is occupied by BSW (19.6%), DOT (18.9%), RONIN (17.9%), INJ (17.9%), CTK (17.9%), TIA (17.6%) ) and POLYX (15.9%).

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