Atomic Wallet hacked: "all the money from hard work" vanished!

Many previously believed that Atomic Wallet is the best device to secure crypto holdings. But after theJune 3 attack, they began to change their minds. And many of them pointed to the incompetence of the developers of this non-custodial decentralized wallet. What about the review of this hack ?

Atomic Wallet, victim of a devastating hack

The crypto community was shocked by the news of the June 3 Atomic Wallet hack. It was not at all easy for users to see their wallets emptied of their bitcoins, ethers and other cryptocurrency holdings. Pain growls on Twitter after the announcement of the act of piracy.

According to ZachXBT, a blockchain sleuth, the toll of the Atomic Wallet hack seems very heavy. The amount of sums stolen is $35 million.

Additionally, hackers have snatched up everything from bitcoin to ether, tether, dogecoin, litecoin, bnb coin, and polygon. CoinDesk clarified that many Tron-based USDTs have been the haven of Atomic hackers.

First assessment of ZachXBT – Source: Twitter

Update: The new biggest loss from this hack is valued at $3.5 million (1,897 ETH).

The top five losses total $9.7 million. »

ZachXBT Updated Review – Source: Twitter

Update: The biggest new victim was on Tron with 7.95 million USDT stolen.

The five biggest losses are $17 million.

My chart is now over siphoned $35 million. »

The team minimizes the damage

In a tweet published very early on Monday on its official account, Atomic Wallet implied that the damage from this attack is minimal.

Atomic Wallet Hack Update – Source: Twitter

For the moment, less than 1% of our monthly active users have been affected/reported. The last stolen transaction was confirmed more than 40 hours ago.

The security investigation is ongoing. We report victims’ addresses to major exchanges and blockchain analysts to trace and block stolen funds. »

Note that in its official post last Saturday, Atomic Wallet found no better than theopening of an investigation after this hack. In addition, the team had remained silent as to the amount of money stolen.

Hopefully, however, crypto businesses will learn from these relentless attacks on protocols that often make investors unhappy. With a very heavy toll in 2022, nearly $4 billion stolenthere is reason to motivate the strengthening of cybersecurity.

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