Artificial intelligence (AI): French publishers eager for recognition and strategic agreements

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking up the global media universe, but for French publishers, it is time to make their voices heard. Faced with robots deployed by giants like OpenAI and Google, these players are not sitting idly by. Let’s embark on an overview of their fierce fight!

French publishers in resistance mode against AI?

Apple is investing $50 million in a generative AI project using American press content, showing that data has a price. In France, publishers, feeling that they deserve a place of choice in the world of AI, are accelerating the movement, reports Le Figaro. Emmanuel Parody du Geste insists on their key role in generative AI, emphasizing:

We are the raw material suppliers of this new industry of generative artificial intelligence (AI), and it is high time that we are recognized as such “.

The Group of Online Service Publishers (Geste) is developing legal standards to protect their content while exploring licensing contracts with OpenAI. This first part highlights their quest for recognition and their collective efforts to establish themselves in the realm of AI.

As global companies like OpenAI expand their footprint in the generative AI sector, The New York Times is taking a resolute stance by suing a company in the sector after unsuccessful negotiations. These events mark a significant turning point, forcing publishers to carefully evaluate their rights and seek strategic partnerships that recognize the fundamental value of their content in the AI ​​ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, French publishers are positioning themselves to play a key role, helping to shape the AI ​​landscape while securing their rights and interests.

Differences of opinion regarding Artificial Intelligence

Adoption of generative AI varies among French publishers. Some block access to robots from OpenAI and Google, while others adopt Text and Data Mining (TDM) protocols to collaborate intelligently. Part two explores some publishers’ resistance to AI bots to preserve their content, as well as those embracing new approaches to positive collaboration.

French publishers are drawing digital boundaries to protect their content, while exploring promising ways to coexist with generative AI. In this changing landscape, they defend the ethics and value of original information, thus shaping the future and consolidating France as an influential force in the rules of the game between publishers and generative AI. The battle continues, but the hope for recognition and strategic partnerships remains stronger than ever.

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