AltSignals: A cryptocurrency to follow closely?

While some think a bull market is coming, investors are following the market with attention after a difficult year 2022. Now, in 2023, the priority is the identification of promising projects.

Most investors know the returns that come with a bull market and therefore become more adept at identifying opportunities and finding the next project to add to their wallets. This is one of the reasons why some investors are interested in AltSignals’ ASI pre-sale which has just started.

The presale has already been talked about for its potential, which is based on a huge community of AltSignals users and a platform that has already shown some success. Coupled with the rapid growth of the crypto AI industry, ASI’s pre-sale comes at just the right time, given the scalable use of cutting-edge AI in AltSignals’ new system: ActualizeAI. The presale, which recently opened, has already attracted a lot of activity, raising $112k in just 2 days.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is a major player in the crypto trading signals industry. Indeed, it brings together a passionate community of more than 50,000 traders. They have different levels of experience thanks to the guidance provided by AltSignals’ cutting-edge technology.

This allowed the project to achieve a level of customer satisfaction that is relatively rare in crypto trading. Indeed, the AltSignals Trustpilot profile has over 500 “excellent” reviews and an average rating of 4.9/5.

The transaction success rate explains why the platform was able to produce positive scores. With an average win rate of 64% in backtesting signals for the big players ETH and BTC, traders were pleased with the results achieved in a bearish and bullish market environment. This could lead to positive reception of the ASI token given the next level of knowledge the token unlocks through access to ActualizeAI, AltSignals’ AI system.

How does AltSignals work?

AltSignals has created a mix of technical analysis and fundamental analysis that creates a layer of data. This is then used to develop models that can produce trading signals with high accuracy. The addition of full machine learning for cutting-edge insight is another factor that has users excited. Especially since 1,500 quality trading signals have already been transmitted to AltSignals clients.

Launched at the same time as the ASI token, the ActualizeAI Club will increase the usefulness of the token and continue its development. Furthermore, it gives holders access to early versions of AI-based signals.

What is ASI?

The ASI token is the means by which the AltSignals ActualizeAI system operates. In addition to playing a vital role in access roles across the platform, additional tokens can be earned. This, by contributing to the product development process via the Actualize AI Club. This gives ASI owners a way to directly contribute to the future success of the project.

The ASI token offers a number of other benefits to its holders. In particular, users can benefit from exclusive discounts and beta access to new features. In addition, the token will play a major role in the future development plans of the platform. This is key when considering the AI-powered insights potential that ActualizeAI is expected to offer. It also benefits from optimal security, given that the token is built on the Ethereum network and meets the ERC-20 standard.

Is UPS Worth It?

The project could have some success. Indeed, a large community has formed around AltSignals’ product, which has received very positive reviews. ASI seems to be an option for investors looking for promising projects. The ASI presale is currently in progress.

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