Allie Rae's Empire: Crypto Only

Allie Rae is a fighter who has built an empire in less than a year. Nurse in a large hospital in Boston (USA), she created an OnlyFans account in September 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic. She starts posting a few suggestive photos and by the end of the first day has 20 followers. His employer asks him to delete his page. She prefers to quit. In less than a year, Allie Rae has earned more than a million dollars on OnlyFans, has set up her business WetSpace (payment only in cryptos) and even offers, among other things, coaching. A success story that deserves to be told, because it undoubtedly marks a major turning point in the history of cryptocurrencies, in an apocalyptic context.

Allie Rae is a fighter

Allie Rae, brilliant in her thirties, is, despite her age, a veteran of the American navy in which she spent 6 years, after being the youngest employee of her class. She is also a wife, a mother of 3 children, ex-nurse and now CEO of her new company WetSpace. The first month on OnlyFans, she earned $8,000, and as the months went by, her earnings grew to $369,000 monthly. Since then, her activities have diversified considerably since she also gives management advice (149 dollars for 30 minutes).

Allie Rae wetspace crypto
Cryptos accepted on WetSpace (for the moment)

WetSpace: Crypto Only Adult Entertainment

Censorship often has unintended consequences: as Allie Rae becomes a true icon on OnlyFans, the platform decides to ban “sexually explicit” content (and then backtracks). Allie Rae, having already experienced ostracization in her previous work, understands that she can lose her page, her job, her followers and therefore her income overnight. She also understands that banks are very cautious, even downright hostile, to TDS (sex workers). At the beginning of the year 2022 is born then WetSpace. The platform only offers payments in cryptocurrencies. Users can, while waiting to understand how to obtain cryptocurrencies, consult the Instagram pages, OnlyFans and the other social networks of the impetuous entrepreneur. Because nothing will change Allie Rae’s mind: no bosses, no banks. In a word, freedom at all levels.

By creating her own platform, Allie Rae wants to protect the work of TDS and also ensure more privacy for users. She wants to demonstrate that cryptocurrencies are THE solution to be more serene in the face of the indiscretions of banks and other traditional payment companies. Payments in cryptocurrencies ensure peace of mind for users who do not have to report to their banker (or anyone), leave no personal data on the site, while content creators receive their income directly in their wallet.

Allie Rae wetspace cryptos
Allie Rae

Allie Rae fighter against puritanism and for TDS

More than a lucrative business, Allie Rae’s Empire is also a way for the talented entrepreneur to fight against prejudice and puritanism. She demonstrates that you can be a qualified, free woman and have your body as you wish. Of course, she says she has lost friends as a result of her career choices, but her family supports her and her husband even participates in her videos.

We are currently living in quite fascinating times when it comes to broad money. A pivotal period between rulers who want to impose a centralized currency (CBDC), peoples who demand financial freedom as much as respect for their privacy (embodied by bitcoin) and private banks who no longer know which way to dance: they bet on cryptocurrencies? What place will they play with the CBDCs? By choosing to set up a business whose services are only available in cryptocurrencies, Allie Rae is betting on the future and in particular on the adaptability of its users. Will they accept this new business model? Will Allie Rae become an icon of the coming monetary upheaval? Hoping that the SESTA/FOSTA law does not come to break its meteoric rise…

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