After the acquisition of Voyager Digital, Binance offers itself $76 million worth of Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Binance US had to pledge a check for $1 billion to acquire Voyager’s assets. And speaking of assets, Nansen revealed that this cryptocurrency lender is currently reportedly $579 million rich, $76 million of which is in SHIB.

Voyager and its half a billion dollars in crypto assets

Voyager Digital Crypto Holdings Overview

As Binance US wins bid to acquire Voyager assets, let’s take a look at some of Voyager’s current crypto holdings, from addresses we’ve tagged:

Total value ~$579M:

$ETH ~$255M

$USDC $81.7M

$SHIB ~$76M

$VBX ~$62M

$MATIC ~$29M

$LINK ~$18.5M

$AVAX ~10.2M

and many others. »

This data shared by Nansen highlights all of Voyager Digital’s crypto assets, which amount to 579 million. If Binance.US intends to pay 1.022 billion dollars to appropriate them; he will soon see his wallet enriched with the equivalent of $255 million in ETH, $81.7 million in USDC and $76 million in SHIB.

Admittedly, these Voyager Digital Shiba Inu holdings have been far from the limelight before, but we can infer that they are not moving away from the totality of SHIBs held by the top 2000 ETH whales. At this time, they are said to be in possession of approximately $100 million worth of SHIB.

ETH whale holdings

Shiba Inu, more and more interesting

On December 19, finbold reported that the Shiba Inu is among the top 3 most interesting cryptocurrencies in 2022 in the eyes of Binance. On Quincekothe SHIB, which is valued at 0.000 008 23, has unfortunately lost its legendary place of 12e crypto, this for a month. Currently, he occupies the 16e position, while its rival Dogecoin offers itself the 8e square.

At the same time, CoinMarketCap placed it in 5e position of the most viewed cryptocurrencies on its platform. In front of him are bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, and Terra Classic (LUNC).

Also, the number of SHIB holders continues to increase. Data from Etherscan indeed shows that they are roughly 1,267,276 last week.

Voyager’s SHIBs might not be the only motivation for Binance to buy the assets of this bankrupt company. But with the advent of the Shibarium, Shiba Eternity’s growing level of popularity, and the bright future of its metaverse, CZ and his team will associate other opportunities with this acquisition.

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