3 interesting cryptos for this new Bull Run

The cryptocurrency market is currently enjoying a powerful rally with Bitcoin (BTC) crossing the $68,000 mark, approaching its all-time high, propelled by inflows into new Bitcoin ETFs. This rise has sparked anticipation of an ‘altseason’, supported by a 50% increase in altcoin market capitalization to $1.2 trillion over the past month, with meme tokens playing a significant role.

Today’s cryptocurrency market is very unpredictable, but there are projects that stand out among the rest. Due to solid developments, excitement on social media and several other factors, these cryptos could grow, according to several experts.

ScapesMania: Unlocking Potential

What a journey it has been so far for ScapesMania. With record speed during the public sale, the project raised the necessary funds. With statistics exceeding $6,000,000 raised in total, the project has the potential to impress many people. Its community (more than 60,000 people) is also very strong.

Development in a thriving market

The potential future looks bright, especially considering ScapesMania’s main niche – casual games. According to Statista, it is predicted to surpass the $19.12 billion mark by 2027, and ScapesMania is set to potentially capitalize on this. Much earlier, the casual gaming industry is expected to grow by around 9% before the end of the year, and ScapesMania invites Web3 enthusiasts to take advantage of this growth with beneficial DAO and other solutions. There is an upcoming listing on PancakeSwap (the date was announced during a recent AMA) and other plans have been set out in the roadmap. Trading will begin with MANIA/WBNB and MANIA/USDT pairs, with USDT serving as the primary liquidity source, as requested by the community.

Additionally, the project’s CEO, during a recent AMA, discussed the strategy of building a blockchain gaming ecosystem post-listing. No detail will be overlooked in the process – from initial concept to final product, including testing with target audiences, analysis of results and incremental changes.

In addition to the advantages already listed, there are additional advantages:

  • A great marketing plan to keep the community engaged and potentially drive demand after registration.
  • A solid framework for token management provides potential stability and long-term growth.
  • The most favorable TGE conditions for all first supports.
  • Intentional scarcity, due to a limited supply of tokens in circulation, has the potential to significantly boost the value of tokens the longer you hold them.
  • The benefits of diversifying across multiple projects linked to a single ecosystem can be enormous.
  • A well-designed tokenomics framework incorporates cliff and vesting. This helps avoid token dumping and maintain a constant balance between supply and demand.
  • Listing on DEX soon, with listings on CEX underway. You can take advantage of any advantageous opportunity immediately when you have access to exchanges.
  • Verified by BlockSafu audit.
  • Best spots on cryptocurrency trackers.

If you missed the presale or public sale, don’t worry. This is just the beginning of this project’s journey. After registration, you can easily acquire as many tokens as you want.

For some people, joining at this time might even be more beneficial than during past sales. After all, they will enter at a time when the vision is clearer and the potential is greater. In addition, it is easier to participate with a larger amount for a listed project, compared to a pre-sale project.

Always remember to DYOR and keep in mind that there are no guarantees in the cryptocurrency market.

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Starknet (STRK): Navigating the Waves of Market Dynamics

Starknet (STRK) debuted on February 20, 2024, encountering a turbulent start characterized by a significant drop in price following its launch. Despite an initial spike, the price fell 60% due to sales by early beneficiaries and a notable distribution of tokens, subsequently stabilizing around $1.80, sparking cautious optimism among investors. Volatility continued as the price of Starknet (STRK) fell sharply from 4 to below $1.90, influenced by factors including sales from Ethereum infrastructure company Nethermind and token distribution hunters.

Short-term forecasts anticipate a potential recovery around $3, while long-term projections vary, with some suggesting prices as high as $17.88 by 2025, depending on market trends, developments in the ecosystem and regulatory dynamics.

Stellar (XLM): A beacon of potential amid uncertainty

Stellar (XLM) has experienced a period of stagnation despite a recent update. Founded in 2014 and emerging from a hard fork of Ripple, Stellar (XLM) has struggled to maintain momentum in the competitive cryptocurrency landscape. As of February 28, 2024, the value of Stellar (XLM) was approximately $0.1225, reflecting the challenges it faces in attracting market interest.

The price of Stellar (XLM) has seen some fluctuations, with a recent prediction suggesting a slight decline to $0.1206 before a possible rise to $0.1262 by the end of March 2024. Despite these modest movements, the outlook The long term for Stellar (XLM) looks more promising, with forecasts indicating a potential increase to $0.3057 within the year and even stronger growth expected in the coming years.

Stellar (XLM) faces a mixed outlook, with short-term fluctuations expected due to current technical indicators and market sentiment. However, the mid- to long-term forecast is optimistic, anticipating growth driven by increased adoption of Stellar (XLM) technology and potential partnerships. Yet these projections depend on the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market and regulatory developments impacting the trajectory of Stellar (XLM).


The cryptocurrency market is booming as Bitcoin (BTC) surpasses $68,000, signaling a potential altseason. ScapesMania, a promising asset in the casual gaming ecosystem, stands out amidst this uptrend.

Site : https://scapesmania.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScapesMania
Telegram: https://t.me/scapesmania
Ad group: https://t.me/scapesmaniaAnn

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